Pros and Cons of Double Chin Liposuction in Dubai

Double chin probably occurs in submental areas which is the area under the skin. It develops due to extra accumulation of fats under the chin area. The reasons it occurs are several but most of all genetics is the common reason for it. Moreover, when aging occurs the skin starts losing elasticity. Similarly, when the skin under the chin loses elastin protein, it becomes prone to sagging and develops a double chin eventually. Many individuals look to eliminate it for both aesthetic and psychological reasons. It can likewise cause an individual to seem more heavier than they really are. Therefore, individuals want to remove it through a safe procedure. But they do not know about the Pros and Cons of Double Chin Liposuction in Dubai.

What Double Chin Liposuction?

Double Chin liposuction in Dubai is a cosmetic and surgical procedure that assists in eradicating the fats that are present under the submental area. It is typically performed to work on the shape of the lower face and neck, address the presence of a double chin, and make a more characterized and energetic facial structure.

Moreover, this procedure is safe and minimally invasive and can help the individual to get rid of the extra fat deposition in the submental area. And provide the individual with a more prominent and structured face shape.


It is a simple strategy that only takes an hour to complete. The results of it become totally visible after one month. The doctor after ensuring the eligibility of the candidate initiates the procedure. The treatment is carried out in two particular ways.

  • The Surgeon consults with the patient and assesses his general medical condition.
  • He then gives the local anesthesia that numbs the treatment area.
  • Makes little, unnoticeable cuts underneath the jaw or at times behind the ears. These cuts are decisively positioned to limit apparent scarring.
  • Through the cuts, he embeds a dainty cylinder called a cannula. Then utilizes the cannula to attract out abundance of fat from the jaw and neck region. The objective is to shape the region and eliminate undesirable fat stores.
  • He cautiously shapes the treated region to make a smoother and more characterized form. How much fat is eliminated relies upon the patient’s singular necessities and objectives.
  • When the ideal outcomes are accomplished, the cuts are shut with stitches. These cuts are normally tiny and frequently recuperate with negligible scarring.


It is a generally protected and powerful method for tending to difficult fat stores in the jaw and neck locale. Nonetheless, it’s fundamental to talk with a certified and experienced specialist to examine the dangers, advantages, and possible results of the methodology. However, it is important to adhere to aftercare guidelines.

  • Wear the compression bandage for support and to reduce swelling
  • Get a lot of rest and keep away from difficult exercises for basically seven days.
  • Take endorsed torment drugs or over-the-counter painkillers as suggested.
  • Expect and oversee bruising and swelling with cold packs and rise of the head.
  • Follow a decent eating routine, remain hydrated, and limit salt admission to assist with diminishing swelling.
  • Keep cut locales spotless and dry, adhering to your specialist’s injury care directions.
  • Shield the treated region from daylight and UV openness with sunscreen and a cap.
  • Go to all subsequent meetings with your specialist to screen progress and address concerns.
  • Be patient as eventual outcomes might require a little while to turn out to be completely clear as bruising dies down and the region mends.

Benefits of Double Chin Liposuction:

After the method, patients might encounter some bruising, swelling, and uneasiness in the treated region. Recuperation time shifts from one individual to another, however, most people can continue typical exercises for up to 14 days.

  • Upgraded facial form and definition through fat decrease in the jawline and neck region.
  • Works on esteem and confidence by accomplishing a more alluring facial appearance.
  • Fast recuperation with negligible free time, taking into consideration a rapid re-visitation of day-to-day exercises.
  • Dependable outcomes when joined with a solid way of life and legitimate support.
  • Negligible scarring because of little, unnoticeable entry points that blur over the long haul.
  • Adaptable treatment to address explicit worries and accomplish customized results.
  • Tolerable inconvenience normally experienced after the system with endorsed torment prescription.
  • By and large improvement together as one, making a more adjusted and tastefully satisfying look.

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