Do's And Don'ts After Teeth Whitening In Dubai,UAE Dynamic Clinic

Teeth whitening is the unique and improved technique for eliminating discoloration on the teeth and whitening them instantly. The treatment is not lengthy and complicated and so it attracts more and more candidates especially smokers and habitual caffeine in takers. It is very hard to follow the teeth whitening aftercare instructions for those who smoke and so smoking after teeth whitening is usually not allowed for a very long time. If you want your treatment to be long lasting then it is important to give up on all the ill habits that contribute to staining your teeth. Follow this guideline about the teeth whitening after cares and enjoy the benefits of the treatment for years.

How Is Teeth Whitening Done?

When your dentist has scheduled your appointment you will be called and will be informed  to avoid and quit smoking or any betelnut chewing that is responsible for adding the stains to become permanent.

The dentist will then examine your oral cavity and will first send you for teeth scaling and polishing. The scaling will remove the plaque and tartar that will be accumulated on the surface of your teeth after when the surface is cleared at 10% hydrogen peroxide slightly diluted with water is mixed into a paste form and its applied on to the surface of the teeth.

The targeted  areas are focused more especially those where the pigmentation and staining is mostly to occur such as the inner surface of the lower teeth and the exterior surface of the anterior teeth.After a few minutes the paste  is washed and dried you are then expected to have shining, white and brighter teeth instantly.

What Are The Do’s And Don’ts After Teeth Whitening? 


The White Diet :

Get yourself on the “white diet” such as plain flavoured free yogurt, boiled white rice, oats cereals and cornflakes, white tuna and almonds.

Stain Free Beverages :

Drinks such as milk water, coconut milk and sparkling water are advised.

Rinse With Mouthwash Regularly:

Use diluted mouth washes and rinse your oral cavity at least twice a day this will prevent the absorption of stains and will keep your mouth fresh.


What What Can You Not Do After Teeth Whitening?

 Avoid Smoking:

A lot of people are concerned about smoking after teeth whitening. It is important to cease it for at least a week so that the nicotine and tobacco stains do not get absorbed in the surface of the teeth.

 Avoid Artificial Colour:

It is better to refrain from eating anything that consists of artificial added colours such as ice creams in lollies.

Betelnut Chewing:

Habitual betel nut chewers should completely avoid it because it has very bad stains that can be absorbed directly onto the tooth surface after teeth whitening the teeth may become slightly brittle because of the use of hydrogen peroxide.

Why Choose Our Clinic?

Our vision is to provide our patients and candidates with the best treatment. Interventions such as teeth whitening treatments which are whose success and failure is more dependent on the candidate than the dentist themselves ensure that the patient is educated well with the after cares and instructions to follow.

Counselling the patient and telling them about the do’s and don’t comes under our domain and we believe that educating the patient well is the key to the better prognosis and durability of any treatment.

The Final Verdict!

Among all the dental aesthetic procedures teeth whitening in Dubai is the most demanding procedure done in our clinic with hundreds of patients for the treatment and nearly none of the patients have ever reported any complaint because of their own compliance and the proper counselling of a dentist.