Teeth Whitening in Dubai

The urge to have white teeth along with a perfect straight smile is not easy.  You can either have white teeth or you can have straightened teeth one at a time. Nevertheless, you can still brighten up your teeth while having your braces on. The teeth whitening in Dubai products used by our clinic are exclusively designed for those who had their braces on.

Why DoTeeth Discolor WhileHaving Braces?

You must be thinking that ever since you have taken the braces treatment the discoloration and staining has become more and more prominent. This is because your ordinary toothbrush is not able to remove all the stains or the debris that deposits on the teeth. The dental metallic brackets are placed in the center of your tooth and so the area around it becomes discolored whereas the area below the brackets remains white. Vigorous brushing is prohibited and so the stains and discoloration remain intact. 

Proper brushing using an interdental brush that is specifically for patients having braces on can clear the dirt and plaque that sticks on the teeth.  Another more reliable method is flossing after every meal especially those that have crowding or tilted teeth. 

At times when the dentist is about to change the stainless steel wire of the braces, there is a lot of discoloration present below the wire .This is a clear indication that your oral hygiene is badly affected when you are not taking proper care of your mouth while having braces.  This eventually results in discoloration and in such cases you need a teeth whitening in Dubai that can be very effective. 

Can you Whiten Your Teeth With Braces? 

Certain toothpaste or gels that are sold in the name of whitening agents are not very much effective in cases of patients with braces.  

The query that states can you whiten teeth while having braces is still questionable. The reason why is because it varies from dentist to dentist. Some dentists would recommend Whitening treatments during the ortho treatment while some would recommend whitening treatment after the treatment is completed and the brackets are removed. It is up to you what you choose. 

However ideally it is recommended to take a widening treatment after your entire braces treatment is completed.

How Is Teeth Whitening Done? 

Once your orthodontic braces treatment is completed it is now time to enhance your look by taking a whitening treatment.  The teeth whitening Dubai and Sharjah is done by hydrogen peroxide used within the safer limits. 

10% hydrogen peroxide is mixed with some diluted water and a thick paste is formed. This paste is then applied all over the surfaces of the teeth and is rubbed for around two to three seconds. Later it is left to dry and then washed off.

What is the tooth whitening cost in Dubai?

Teeth whitening cost in Dubai roughly starts from 999 AED and For those who choose zoom laser whitening, it costs around 1999 AED. the cost may vary from patient to patient. 

Why Do Some Dentists AvoidTeeth Whitening During Braces?

The reason why some dentists do not suggest or recommend teeth whitening treatments during braces is because the chemical agents present in the teeth whitening products are harmful. Since the patient is already under the pain of the pressure generated by the braces the chemical irritation can worsen up the condition. Therefore it is better to wait till the orthodontic treatment is completed Before you go for teeth whitening  treatments. 

On the other hand the teeth whitening products  used in our clinic are fairly bio-compatible with the patient’s oral cavity and we ensure that they have the least possible chemical reactions unlike other products.

The Final Verdict!

It feels very natural to have perfection in everything.  You just cannot straighten up your teeth and leave them yellow or discolored. An ideal smile is one that is devoid of any misalignment or discoloration.  The best you can do is get your hands on the teeth whitening in Dubai as soon as your orthodontic treatment is completed.