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Buttock Augmentation in Dubai is cosmetic/plastic surgery performed to contour, resize and reshape the buttock profile. This surgery has grown in popularity over the last ten years, with round, muscular buttocks typically considered a reflection of attractiveness and sexuality.

Most people consider it due to:

  • If your buttocks are too petite for your body type and you’d like a more symmetrical appearance,
  • If the form of the gluteal region (buttocks) is too plain or squared, and you want extra curves and a younger look,
  • If your buttocks are sloppy, drooping, or flattened due to fat loss or ageing.
  • If the clothing and swimsuits do not fit comfortably,
  • If you would acquire self-confidence or self-esteem due to such treatment.

Let’s start reading further to get familiar with Butt Augmentation: Types, Risks, and Cost.

Type of Buttock Augmentation:

Buttock Augmentation is performed through two methods: Fat transfer and implants. These types of buttock augmentation bring out the desired butt shape. 

Fat Transfer:

Liposuction Surgery is used to remove fat from body parts that might otherwise be unattractive. In order to achieve an acceptable amount of fat, it is usually gathered from two or more places. The flanks (love handles), abdomen, and back are located. The fat is purified to ensure the stability of the fat cells and stem cells injected into the buttocks’ subcutaneous layer. Approximately 50% – 75% of the fat injected will recover. A patient may infrequently require an extra BBL to increase volume.


Implants are best used to address flat or poorly defined buttocks, especially in patients with insufficient fatty tissue. Buttock implants are ineffective in correcting drooping buttocks caused by severe weight loss.

A soft, contoured silicone implant is put through an incision buried inside the natural buttock crease, or another incision site could be used in this treatment. Your plastic surgeon will go through these incision possibilities in a greater context following your appointment.

The implant is hidden beneath the significant buttock (gluteal) muscle or above the pelvic bone in a pouch.  Stitches are used to close the incisions, placed drains, and a compressive garment is worn after surgery.

Risk of Buttock Augmentation:

Buttock Augmentation, possess several risk factors. Here are some potential risks that are treatable with prescribed medication and healthy lifestyle:

  • The dangers of anaesthesia
  • Inequalities
  • Fatty tissue may perish.
  • Minor Infection
  • Sensational alterations in the skin
  • Pain that may last a long time
  • Healing process is inadequate.
  • Revisionary surgery may be required.
  • Skin sagging on a regular basis
  • Discoloration of the skin and/or persistent edoema
  • Sutures may extend through the skin, appear noticeable, or cause irritation.
  • Scarring that isn’t good

This and several other hazards will be thoroughly disclosed before you give your agreement. It’s critical that you ask your plastic surgeon entirety the relevant questions.

Buttock Augmentation Cost:

On average, Buttock Augmention Cost in Dubai ranges between 30,000 AED to 38,000 AED. The factors impacted the cost ranges depends on:

  • Surgeon’s capability.
  • Buttock Augmentation Type.
  • Anesthesia Utilization.
  •  Location of the aesthetic clinic.
  • Procedure length 
  • Fat removal target area.
  • Operating room.
  • Medication.
  • Follow-ups.

However, augmented buttocks are seen as a cosmetic treatment. These operations are not considered medically essential and are therefore not entitled to claim.

Several companies, on the other hand, provide financing options to their customers. You might be able to fund the treatment yourself or with the help of a reduced loan from the insurer.

Dynamic Clinic Dubai and Buttock Augmentation:

Dynamic Clinic Dubai is a well-known aesthetic clinic that offers superior cosmetic and plastic surgery to residents of the United Arab Emirates. We can help you with the Buttock Augmentation procedure. Our board-certified surgeons ensure that you receive the highest quality services and achieve your goals.


If you want to learn more about Buttock Augmentation: Types, Risks, and Costs, schedule a free consultation or make an appointment. Get impeccable in your appearance!