Breast Reconstruction Cost in Dubai | Breast Surgery

Breast Augmentation:

Are you planning for Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Dubai? Well, the very first question that can pop up in your head is obviously about the cost, right? Choosing a new procedure is a big decision and the cost influences it a lot when it comes to a new treatment. So it’s very normal to worry about the expenses of the desired treatment.

How much does Breast Reconstruction Cost in Dubai?

Dynamic Clinic Dubai offers some great services at amazing costs. Breast reconstruction may cost anywhere from 15,000-28,000 AED. But this is not the exact fixed price of the procedure, it can vary.

Factors Influencing Cost:

Like any other treatment, breast reconstruction cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah varies from person to person and it also varies for every other professional. Every facility provides different services and different rates. You can always choose what suits you the most. But why not choose the best for you? Several factors may affect the cost of any treatment.

Let’s dig into the factors affecting the cost of Breast Augmentation in Dubai.

Type of Breast Implant:

The type of plant chosen matters a lot, the cost totally depends on it. There are several types of implants. One of them is saline-based whereas the other one is silicone-based. Initially, the saline is used to fill the former and the silicone gel is used at the later stage. Now, what’s the difference? The better-looking results we get after using the silicone gel procedure in comparison to that of saline-based treatment. The better one costs more.

The Expert Chosen:

The cost of treatment is also based on the expert chosen, his expertise, experience, and the customer satisfaction he has earned in his service. It is very obvious for a highly experienced, well-known professional to charge more for a treatment. We can find the private setups as well as the hospital-based settings for such treatments. But the cost of silicone at a later stage is more than the former stage of saline.

Facility Available:

Breast reconstruction is a major surgery performed under proper circumstances. General anesthesia is used while the surgery is performed. The surgeon needs a proper state-of-the-art venue, tools, and a good environment to perform a successful surgery.

Some Other Similar Procedures:

Not just the breast augmentation is always enough to reach the desired results. At times the surgeon can suggest multiple steps to a youthful breast as per the customer’s demand. Especially in the case of aging, if you need a breast augmentation you would require breast lift as well and it will increase the breast reconstruction cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Extra Expenses:

The surgery requires the extra cost so let’s talk about those factors.

  • Fee for the anesthesia used during the treatment.
  • Medications prescribed.
  • Extra care post-surgery
  • If the case gets hard varying from patient to patient.

Free Consultation:

To know about the breast reconstruction cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and the services you can always head to Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic for a free consultation and proper guidance. We welcome all the queries and try our best to satisfy the customer’s needs. So book an appointment, now