Botox treatment for hair

No matter how healthy your hair but with time they lose volume and strength that they hold past. Hair-style equipment and excessive use of chemicals can harm the hair that requires some therapy to get back their lost health.

Several techniques have been using for decades for better hair appearance however some of them work and some fail. It’s better to get the practice which suits you the best as every process isn’t suitable for all persons. Conversely, the majority prefers non-surgical procedures over surgical ones. For those individuals, we provide the best Botox Hair Treatment in Dubai UAE & Abu Dhabi  which is the injectable procedure that aims to get back the lost hair health.

Botox Treatment for Hair:

Botox treatment is well-known for smoothing wrinkles and aging flaws but now the majority prefers this as Hair therapy too. Dealing with dull damaged and frizzy hair though Botox isn’t a concern anymore. It’s performed usually through two techniques:

  1. Instead of going under the needle, an ointment is applied on hair and at times scalp too, to get a shiny, improved, and solid appearance.
  2. Another most common way to treat the wavy hair is through injecting process of the Botox which is directly administered into the scalp that nourishes the tissues for better progress of hair.

How does Botox Treatment work for Hair?

Botox treatment for hair is normally built on the concept of conditioning which coats the outer surface to prevent the hair from environmental impurities which results in damaged hair. When applied or injected on scalp, it actives nourishing tissues which eradicate the frizzed hair conditions.

Every single hair is moisturized from its root to split ends as it’s comprised of natural ingredients. The whole procedure would not take more than two hours whether it’s injectable or conditioning. At Dynamic, Botox Hair Treatment in Dubai UAE & Abu Dhabi is performed smoothly in the most comfortable environment, our practitioners will help in deciding the right choice according to your particular hair situation and individual demands.

Results of Botox Hair Treatment:

The outstanding results acquired from Botox Hair Treatment in Dubai. we provide the best Botox Hair Treatment in Dubai which is the injectable procedure that aims to get back the lost hair health and its gives best results after injectables hair procedure.

Botox Hair in Dubai  Botox Hair Treatment Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Botox Hair Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Botox Hair Treatment

Which is better Botox or Keratin?

The unrevealed reality about keratin is the involvement of substances that can result in an allergic reaction or any sort of irritation on the scalp. Conversely, when it comes to Botox treatment for Hair in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, everyone is well known of the point that it’s not a chemical therapy, ingredients involved in this procedure are Caviar or Argan oil and natural protein, etc. So we can experience this safest therapy by the closing of your eyes.

However, the decision is entirely dependent upon the patient but still, it’s better to arrange an initial consultation with the doctor so he suggests a better opinion. The greatest benefit acquired from Botox is the fittingness as it can be petty appropriate for every sort of hair. You don’t need to think of detailed complications before experiencing this therapy.

What Happens during Botox Treatment?

The procedure of Botox is completed within a maximum of one to two hours. Practitioners rarely suggest the Botox injection in contrast with conditioning therapy, the solution is filled in the syringe and injected into the specific points of the scalp, just like PRP.

Besides the injection process, conditioning therapy is mostly recommended by the doctors which is usually started by hair wash without using any conditioner. After this, Botox prepared moisturizer is applied on the hair and rubbed gently however once it’s completed, hairs are washed once again to get off the dead particles produced due to excessive heat or chemical.

What are the Side Effects?

Botox treatment for hair isn’t being reported for any severe side effects or complications but it’s not certain in every case. Sometimes complications occur when treatment isn’t performed well so it’s better to have this therapy from a well-reputed clinic that has gained the finest reputation in performing such conducts. You can visit the highly experienced practitioners at Dynamic Clinic who are well known about the Botox hair Treatment.

It’s a completely riskless practice comprised of natural ingredients but still, it can be unsafe for some individuals. Patients should discuss their concerns and medical history with the doctor so they can advise getting this therapy or not.

How Long Does Botox Effect Last?

The treatment benefits usually vary from person to person due to different metabolic rates and maintenance care however they usually last up to 3-4 months. Doctors usually advise the specific shampoo that carries low-sulfate for preserving the results for a long time.

Wrapping it Up!

Botox Treatment for Hair is the most commonly practiced procedure used by a wide range of people to get off the frizzy, dull, and spoiled hair safely. So we suggest getting a consultation from our expert doctors so they can perform the treatment accordingly.

For further details regarding the details about the Botox Hair Treatment in Dubai UAE & Abu Dhabi , you can feel free to visit us or send a query in chat!