Best Treatment For Pigmentation on Face

Aging is something that every individual has to face at some point in life. Thankfully, cosmetic treatments are here to help us slow this process and avoid premature aging signs but still if we fail to stop it, even then there is nothing to worry about. A wide range of anti-aging treatments (both surgical and non-surgical) have been introduced recently. By having one of these treatments, you can incredibly restore the lost beauty.

Most Anti-aging treatments work by triggering the growth of collagen within the skin. Micro-needling and laser therapy use this mechanism. Collagen is the most important component responsible for giving firmness, tightness, and glow to the skin. Anyway, there are other treatments available to correct severe skin flaws like acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, etc. Among common skin concerns, pigmentation treatment in Dubai is on the top of the list. Although it is harmless, people consider removal techniques to get rid of it. This is because, with pigmentation skin, we look unattractive. In simple words, most of us consider these treatments for cosmetic reasons.

Before moving on to the treatment options for pigmentation on the face, let’s first understand what is pigmentation and what are its common causes.

What is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation is a skin condition that mainly occurs when the skin is highly exposed to UV rays. In general, it is characterized by dark patches or spots on the skin. The problem typically develops when the concentration of melanin exceeds the allowed limit. While people of all ages can experience pigmentation but it is more likely to affect teens. Anyway, other causes of pigmentation are hormone fluctuations, acne, medications, pregnancy, etc. Well, no matter for what reason it is has developed on your face, the problem can be resolved. You can consider different in-office treatments to combat these unusual patches. Continue reading to find out the best treatment for pigmentation on the face in Dubai.


Seven most effective treatments that can correct skin discoloration on the face include:

Lightening Creams:

Among the in-office treatments for pigmentation, by far it is the cheapest and easiest technique for fixing this skin concern. Besides lessening the visibility of dark spots, it provides some additional benefits. It treats wrinkles, sun spots, and acne in the same course. Another good thing about this option is that it does not involve downtime. Your social and work life will be the same as it was before.

Chemical Peels:

Pigmentation issues can be resolved with Chemical peels. Chemical peels contain exfoliating agents that when applied to skin reveals lighter-toned layers of skin. At first, the treatment may make your skin appear bruised and swollen but thankfully, the side-effects will be gone within a week. However, it’s really important to protect the skin once you have this treatment otherwise you may experience severe inflammation afterward.

Laser Therapy:

This procedure exfoliates the outer layers and triggers the production of collagen, a protein that gives a glow to the skin. The effects of this pigmentation treatment highly depend on the skill set of the dermatologist who is performing it. It can produce significant changes if done correctly. The number of sessions and costs can vary depending upon a few things.

IPL Therapy:

Many experts recommend receiving IPL treatment to reduce pigmentation on the face. It has numerous benefits including skin rejuvenation, lightning, acne reduction, etc. Further, the FDA approved this treatment that makes it preferable over other pigmentation treatments. However, please note that fuller results demand multiple IPL therapies. In general, four sessions are needed to make noticeable differences in the skin tone.


FDA has approved another technique called Micro-needling which uses small needles to generate new collagen for presenting a more appealing appearance of the skin. The needles are also responsible for breaking up the excess melanin present below the outer layers.


In dermabrasion, the look of the skin is improved with controlled surgical scraping. Among all the pigmentation treatments, it is the most invasive option. The patient may have to deal with a lot of pain and discomfort while receiving it. It involves moving a special brush over the skin to eradicate the top damaged layers. While it is minimally invasive but doctors consider it worth receiving since it produces extremely dramatic and lasting results.


Good choice to treat pigmentation problems. The procedural steps of microdermabrasion are similar to dermabrasion but it is less aggressive than the latter one. Moreover, it does not cause scarring, bleeding, or discomfort that you usually experience with dermabrasion.

Consult With A Skin Expert:

Initial consultation with a dermatologist is essential before selecting any treatment. He can help you decide which treatment will best suit your needs on the account of the information you provide him.