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Rhinoplasty, also called a “nose job,” is a surgical treatment that alters the form or structure of the nose. It might range from simplifying the appearance of a nose and flattening out any unwanted lumps to the comprehensive rebuilding of the nasal region for a new, more confident appearance.

Because our noses are one of the most visible features of our faces, being unhappy with yours can hurt your attitude and personality. If you believe your nose is out of harmony with the remainder of the face, Rhinoplasty might be the solution.

Rhinoplasty in Dubai is considered general surgery since it is a straightforward process that will provide you with the most significant outcomes if you select the best rhinoplasty clinic in Dubai.

How Effective Is Rhinoplasty?

It is not recommended to expect instant results from Rhinoplasty or Nose surgery in Dubai. Depending on the degree of the change, the rhinoplasty outcomes may be minor or considerable. The Cosmetic Surgery team ensures that the patients and the staff have the same aims to expect reliable results. Like any surgical operation, mild bleeding, edema, and bruises are expected. The patient may have some tingling in the top teeth and a moderate nasal obstruction, but these symptoms will subside with time.

What Occurs After a Rhinoplasty Procedure?

Most people will have to wear a nostril brace during the first week following a nose operation. It is best to hold your head up for a minimum of 24 hrs after the treatment. Downtime may last for five to seven days, with the brace removed on the seventh day.

After treatment, you should rest in bed with the head raised above your chest to reduce bleeding and edema. Your nostrils may be congested because of inflammation or the splints implanted into your nose throughout the treatment. It may take weeks for any inflammation or bruising to disappear completely. Patients can safely resume typical activities like swimming and running after 3 to 4 weeks. However, they will have to wait around six weeks after surgery to start weight training.

When the edema has been reduced entirely, the procedure’s outcome will be seen after about a year. Rhinoplasty outcomes will persist for an extended period. Your new look will remain longer if you lead a healthy life and take sun protection throughout your life.

What Is the Price of Rhinoplasty?

We offer both surgical and non-surgical treatment regarding rhinoplasty.The cost may vary depending on the type of procedure.In Dubai, Rhinoplasty cost starts from 28,000 AED as a standard and as minimum 22,000 AED

Why Should You Go With Dynamic Clinic For Rhinoplasty Surgery in Dubai?

Dubai is quickly becoming a cosmetic surgery hotspot, and rhinoplasty is among the most popular treatments. By selecting Dynamic Clinic, you would be in the care of some of the most qualified and best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai. We can ensure that you will receive the best possible care both during and after your surgery.

Here are some of the services we may provide to our clients:

  • Enhances the nose’s alignment.
  • Cause significant alterations in the look of the nose
  • Assist the patient in restoring lost confidence.
  • Has the ability to both shrink and enhance nasal structures.
  • Creates a lovely balance of facial characteristics
  • Adjusts the angle of the nose as well as the mouth
  • It will increase your personality and attitude.
  • It will enhance your facial symmetry.
  • It is an entirely safe technique with no adverse effects.
  • Skin allergies will be reduced, as will postoperative problems.

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Rhinoplasty is a complex treatment that necessitates the expertise of a highly qualified facial cosmetic surgeon because of the uniqueness of each nose. As a result, Dynamic Clinic only employs the most competent and skilled facial dermatologists who have been doing rhinoplasty procedures for decades.

The best approach to find out if cosmetic surgery is correct for you is to meet with one of our professionals at Dynamic Clinic Dubai.