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Visit Dynamic clinic to receive the best Laser Liposuction in Dubai. We offer exceptionally well treatments not only in the field of cosmetic surgeries but also in skincare and hair.

Best Laser Liposuction Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is the most effective cosmetic surgery among people to fix unwanted body fat. Many young individuals develop extra fat in specific areas of the body due to weight fluctuations, dietary changes, and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Unlike traditional liposuction that involves liquefying fat with a thin cannula, this type of liposuction is done with a laser. Laser beams are directed at the area containing extra fat to liquefy it. Then with this liposuction, unwanted fat is removed and you achieve firm, contoured, and flat skin.

Why UAE?

UAE is the top country for laser Liposuction for many sufferers. This country has many cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah that provides high-quality health care to patients at lower rates compared to countries like Turkey, Pakistan, and India. This is one of the main reasons why a large percentage of foreigners choose to travel to the UAE for having Laser Liposuction. However, the cost of liposuction in Dubai varies widely based on a few things like the chosen method, city, surgeon, level of fat, and more. To know more about the cost, you have to visit any Cosmetic surgery center near you.

Success Rate of Laser Liposuction:

Further, patients often ask about the success rate of Laser Liposuction. After cost, it is the next most important question about the surgery as you will be spending thousands of dirhams on this invasive but highly effective surgery. At Dynamic clinic, studies have shown that 75% of the extra body fat will be removed as soon as the surgery is completed. The remaining 35% will be reduced within two to three months when the post-surgery swelling will subside. Our surgeons hold a record of eliminating 95% of unwanted fat from an individual. The success rate of Laser liposuction is often judged by, the way the patient looks after three to four months of his surgery. Our doctors, nurses, technicians, and consultants, all share a common goal of meeting the expectations of the patients. Along with 95% results of laser liposuction, we ensure the treatment upshots are customized to the expectations, and age of the patient. Most of our patients get an amazing aesthetically pleasing look with increased self-confidence after this surgery.

Best Laser Liposuction Clinic:

The dynamic clinic is placed at the top of the list of Best Laser Liposuction Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. It offers world-class services and top quality treatments to its clients at affordable prices. The surgeons that work there perform all kinds of liposuction procedures like laser lipo, Super-wet technique, tumescent liposuction, etc. successfully so, if you are interested in Liposuction, Dynamic clinic is the good place to visit.

Best Liposuction in Dubai:

Nobody wants a heavy body so many surgical and non-surgical treatments have been designed to help people with such figures. Laser liposuction is the most effective of all liposuction techniques. Please note that the issue of excess fat and skin can also be fixed with tummy tuck but it is a highly invasive option and involves a long recovery period after it. So, if you have to choose between these two options, I recommend you to choose Laser Liposuction.

Sufferers generally have the treatment in the doctor’s office on an outpatient basis. First, the surgeon cleans the affected area and then injects the anesthesia in it. He then loosens the stubborn fat with the help of a laser device and when the fat is fully dissolved with the laser, the device is sidelined. In the next step, a thin long tube is inserted in the affected skin to remove it. After this, ice bags are applied to prevent potential bruising and swelling in the recovery phase.

How much weight can I lose after Laser Liposuction?

Laser Liposuction is not a weight-loss treatment, it only reduces fat. Most probably, you will only lose 5 to 6 pounds of your total body weight after having this treatment.

Wrapping Up:

It is a quick, safe, and simple fat-reduction treatment. It is the type of surgery that removes fat from the body painlessly and quickly. Doctors have been performing this procedure in Dubai and other countries for more than a decade.

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