Best Buttock Augmentation Surgeon in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Dynamic Clinic

Cosmetic surgeries have been experiencing for years for enhancing Buttocks’ appearance.

Buttocks augmentation is one of those procedures that helps in improving the outer look of Butts by making them, bigger, firmer and well- contoured.

Before we get into the Best Buttock Augmentation surgeon in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. You should be well-known about the looks of Buttocks you want to acquire. Discuss your relative beauty needs and demands with the doctor so he can suggest an appropriate treatment option as Buttock augmentation comprises of some techniques that you will get to know by reading the depth of this article.

Buttock Augmentation involves the transferring of fat from one part of the body to another. It might be the best option for the ones who’re healthy enough but they have lost fat only in their buttocks. Not only this, some filler techniques and implants are also part of Buttock Augmentation in Dubai. As it has now become the most leading platform for cosmetic surgeries all over the world so if you’re considering getting the Buttock Augmentation meet our best plastic surgeon who’s well qualified and expert enough to provide you the excellent standard upshots!

Dr Abdul Majeed Makkiya – Best Buttock Augmentation Surgeon in Dubai:

No matter which concern you want to treat expert hands matter a lot in delivering worth its upshots. However, it’s the most obvious fact that the experienced surgeons deliver brilliant and risk-free results as compared to the one who has recently joined this practice. Similarly, when we talk about Buttock Augmentation there is the involvement of complex incisions that demands the great skills of the professional!

At Dynamic clinic, we proudly offer the best Buttock Augmentation surgeon in Dubai named Dr Abdul Majeed Makkiya who is highly qualified and expert in performing successful Buttocks Augmentation surgeries. A huge range of people comes to Dubai only for getting surgery from their expert hands! His name comes from the most leading UK plastic surgeons as he’s also working in the clinic of the UK at the department of plastic surgery. He’s always focused on delivering the best successful results as per the beauty demands of patients.


The seekers of the best Buttock Augmentation Surgeon are highly advised to visit Dubai for getting this surgical practice to make their visions a reality. The dynamic clinic offers financial offers and travel packages for the patients abroad as it’s cost-effective surgery in Dubai when compared to other western countries. Conversely, there is no such big deal for the ones who’re already living in Dubai!

What to Expect during the Initial Consultation with the Best Surgeon in Dubai?

Dr. Mohammad Riaz will ask you about the looks and the size of Buttocks you want to achieve with Buttocks Augmentation as individual needs vary from person to person. Additionally, you will also be asked about your medical history whether you had any previous surgery or any sort of allergic reaction you face. After hearing all your concerns he will inform you about the details of the procedure and you will be given a friendly atmosphere to ask questions for clearing your doubts and queries related to this surgical approach. Experts at Dynamic Clinic don’t suggest the treatment until you’re medically and physically fit for that procedure as safety is our initial priority!


Treatment Options:

At Dynamic clinic our professional surgeons for Buttock augmentation don’t force the patients for any treatment, decisions are usually made in consideration of their comfortability. Buttock Augmentation holds the three treatment options, please have a look at them!

Fillers Augmentation:

A specific amount of Sculptra filler is delivered into the targeted areas of the Buttocks for enhancing theirfigure. This technqiue is usually suggested to the ones who’re afraid of surgical procedures and suffer from medical unfitness. However, we all are aware of the fact that surgeries deliver more natural and permanent results than filler techniques!

Buttock Implant Surgery:

To improve the volume and natural contouring of Buttocks, our highly qualified surgeons place implants in them carefully. However, the whole surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

Brazilian Butt Lift:

BBL the complex technique demands attention and care as it’s the process of extracting the fat from any area of the body to inject it into the Buttocks. Just the same as a liposuction procedure!

Conclusion- Best Buttock Augmentation Surgeon!

Buttock Augmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is the advanced solution for the ones who’re tired of their undesirable flat buttocks. By inserting an implant or through your fat resolves such difficulties but you should get this surgery from an expert doctor as it’s a complex surgical procedure that demands attention and care. So far, the concerns of best surgeons aren’t a problem anymore. At Dynamic, Dr. Mohammad Riaz performs such cosmetic surgeries who is the best Buttock Augmentation Surgeon in Dubai. You can visit him at our clinic by booking a free consultation. I assure you, you will get an excellent standard of care and attention with the outstanding natural appearance of Buttocks permanently!