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Let us help you understand what contributes to bariatric surgery costs in Dubai so that you can make an educated decision and prioritize your choices.

The cost of Bariatric Surgery in Dubai can vary greatly as per the location of the clinic, the surgeon’s expertise, the extent of the operation, anesthesia fees, and more. On average, Dr. Papp at dynamic clinic charges AED 30,000 to AED 55,000 for one bariatric surgery.

While deciding on any cosmetic surgery, the cost will be an important factor. But it should be pointed out that cheaper is never better. The skills of the professional play a major role in how long-lasting and natural-looking your results will be, as well as how your risk will be. Picking the right bariatric surgeon who is not certified can lead to botched results, severe complications, and death (rare cases). You need to ask the surgeon about his credentials in the initial consultation.

Cost Factors:

Here are five major factors that can affect the cost of your bariatric surgery: 

Technique Used:

There are different types of bariatric surgeries available today. Depending on the severity of the procedure, the cost can vary. Gastric Balloon Placement would probably be the least invasive — thus least expensive. Comparatively, more complex surgeries such as bypass surgeries will require more expertise and hence increase the cost.

Fees Of The Surgeon:

This usually makes 40-60% of the total price. You need to pick your surgeon carefully as only a good surgeon will be able to advise you on what can give you the desired results and what cannot, the side effects, downtime, cost, and everything else.

Facility Charges:

These are always on the rise and are always responsible for a sizeable amount of the total bill. Based on where you decide to perform the operation, the price will vary. In general, it is indicted in time blocks. Though some surgeons will provide a fixed fee but that restricts his time to do the procedure. Sometimes, additional time may be needed to improve the results and hence we often quote a range for this.

Anesthesia Fees: 

Bariatric surgery usually requires general anesthesia, which makes the operation very costly. You need to talk to your surgeon about what type of anesthesia will be used for you.

Revision Bariatric Surgery:

Revision procedures usually require the surgeon to undo the changes made in the first operation. This takes more time and is more complex than the previous operation.

The Bottom Line:

The range of Bariatric Surgery can range from 30,000 – 50,000 AED and this would largely depend on the complexity of the operation and the time required to achieve the goals.

Schedule with any bariatric surgeon today and request the cost factors so that you can be aware of what you are actually paying for. 

Why Choose Us?

If the cost of bariatric surgery concerns you, Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai offers financing options you can seek out. We are glad to work with you to help you afford the treatment you are getting.