dental veneer in dubai

Treat yourself with a shiny and pearly set of teeth just by a simple yet unique technique. The dental veneers have taken dentistry to a very next level. They have excelled in both the areas. You can either choose veneers for aesthetic purposes or for your general dental issues. The dental veneers in Dubai are easily accessible and we have a very top notch team of dentists for that. If you are also long for perfectly aligned teeth without spacings then grab your veneers now.

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers is a form of permanent aesthetic dental treatment. It is a thin tissue-like substance placed  over the surface of the teeth after preparing them.  The ideal goal of the treatment is to provide a wide, classy and brighter smile.

Who needs veneers?

  • Candidates who have excessive spacing in their teeth .
  • Candidates who do not want teeth whitening systems .
  • Discoloration of the teeth due to medications or diseases .
  • Chipped off or slight broken edges of the teeth that have occured after any trauma .
  • Frontal teeth  that are root canal treated .

What are the types of veneers ?

The advancement of veneers makes it very challenging to choose. However, only a renowned dentist can suggest which type of veneers you should choose for yourself. The types of  dental veneers in Dubai are:

  • E-max dental veneers.
  • Porcelain Dental Veneers.
  • Composite Dental Veneers.

They all have similar end results  but only differ in the material.

E-max dental veneers:

Are you in dire need of something that can improve your smile just within a day? The E max dental veneers Dubai is just the right fit. E max veneers are stronger than the other and are suitable for all types of teeth.

Porcelain Dental veneers:

If you prefer something more natural than white, the Porcelain Dental Veneers are to the rescue! Natural teeth are not completely white but are slightly yellow. Porcelain dental veneers in Dubai closely resemble natural teeth.

Composite dental Veneers:

People who are more than concerned for spacings and slightly displaced teeth can get their hands on Composite dental veneers in Dubai. The preparation time is slightly longer than other veneers but it equally as durable as the rest.

How is the procedure done?

Initially your dentist will take your history and will diagnose which type of veneer is suggestive of you. The oral cavity is completely isolated from the saliva of the mouth. This is a prerequisite because saliva contamination of the materials can alter the setting and drying of the material. Moreve, it can also create a new chemical reaction that will fail the technique.

A high speed handpiece ( the dental drill) is used to prepare the teeth that require veneers. All the sides of the tooth are cut short, so that the veneers can be easily placed or layered over them.

Once the preparation is complete, the selected veneer, either E  max, Porcelain or Composite is  placed over the tooth/teeth. In cases of composite veneers a light is passed through to cure the material for its setting.

What will you get after dental veneers?

  • A shiny bright smile .
  • Pearly white teeth.
  • Natural tone and texture of the teeth .
  • No more ugly spacings and gaps .

How to maintain your dental veneers?

Your treatment depends on how precisely you take care of your veneers after getting them. Following some rules will surely make them last longer:

  • Avoid vigorous brushing.
  • Use an alcohol free toothpaste.
  • Avoid smoking and betel nut chewing .
  • Avoid beverages that can stain your teeth .
  • Use moderate biting forces.

The wrap up !

Book your appointment to get the best dental veneers in Dubai. Our team of dentists are very skillful in transforming smiles into very beautiful smiles!

No complaints, no regrets!