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Got Teeth? Take the Best Care of Them!

We all, irrespective of gender, just focus on our outer beauty. Attraction and beauty are just a pretty face, contoured body and healthy hair to us. It is a lot more than that. What about having a more adorable face and long shiny hair but skipping the healthier shiny teeth, and when you open your mouth to talk, it’s just terribly dark inside with you trying to hide the pain behind the smile. Root Canal Treatment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is all your teeth need to put up oral health to a better level!

What is the Root Canal?

Straight out from the word’s definition, when a tooth is filled with a pulp-filled cavity, it is called a root canal. It needs to be removed as it causes toothache, terrible tooth appearance, difficulty in eating or drinking, etc.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

It’s a fantastic dental procedure based on treating an infected tooth. The infection is in the centre of a tooth and is usually caused by several bacteria living in the mouth and harming the teeth. The treatment is not painful at all, and it is essentially needed to save the tooth, or else it would be removed.

5 Signs That You May Need a Root Canal

You must be thinking that you need root canal therapy or not. We’ll make it simple for you to figure it out.

Are you Feeling an Impulsive Pain?

It is just out of the blue. You are enjoying life and chilling in the place. Suddenly, a toothache comes to say Hi to you. You have never expected that, and there was not even a single indication, but still, it happened. 

This is the primary reason you are having a root canal because it mainly happens when a tooth is rotten to a level that the nerve inside it gets exposed. We are not talking about the nerve’s full exposure, but even minor exposure can hurt really bad, and the pain gives a feeling of severe injury. Pain levels can vary, and sensations can change when you move, like sitting, standing or bending over.

Did your tooth get Darkened or turn Grey?

If Yes, then be prepared to have a root canal treatment because this is the most prominent and visible sign of infection or damaged and exposed nerve inside the tooth. The infected tooth will be darker in colour or have a grey cast. You need to get it examined as soon as possible by a qualified dentist in Dubai

Are you having Pimples on your Gum?

Gums are basically the soft tissues enveloping your teeth, roots, and jawbones. These are the seals or protective tooth layers. Gums are not supposed to have pimples; if you notice a pus-filled pimple on your gums, it will have swelling, too, indicating that there’s an infection inside the tooth. 

In some cases, these pimples themselves become smaller and go away, but this never means that they can’t regrow. Instead of treating them by yourself, You need to pay a visit to the dentist quickly.

Do you find it difficult to Eat/Drink?

This is another most common symptom of having a root canal that is usually ignored or can be thought of as something else. A person feels pain and a weird discomfort while eating something, especially sugary items. Painful chewing indicates having a cavity inside the rotten tooth that needs root canal therapy. 

Is there any Discomfort in the Gums?

A rotten tooth somehow tries many things to get attention. One of them is swelling and discomfort. If there are new guests in the mouth, how could you be so unconscious?

You’ll be informed of the irritation and the swelling in the gums, which will be shown outside the mouth too.   

Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Dubai:

As obvious, the cost will vary from patient to patient, but the average cost of root canal treatment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is around 1500 AED. 

There are several root canal treatments in the dental field. Generally, the cost of a root canal gets decided on the patient’s tooth condition, like the severity of the rotten tooth or the number of teeth a patient wants to get treated. No worries, the therapy is not very costly, and you will be informed about the charges in the consultation.

We are so obsessed with skincare and haircare. Smoother and healthier skin, Pink lips, and strong hair are all good, but what if your oral health declines, which is the base of your overall health? 

Take care of it buddies, with the Best Root Canal in Dubai at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic!