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Some individuals are fortunate enough to retain their hair for a more extended time than others. However, other individuals are more prone to hair loss early. The trend of losing hair in the early twenties has also been observed. Numerous advancements in the plastic surgery industry have been introduced. It is, however, essential to see if you qualify for them. There are various treatments of hair transplant in Dubai that you can opt for; we will elucidate the types while also mentioning the ideal age for getting them. So read the blog to know all about hair transplant treatments in Dubai.

Ideal Age for Hair Transplant:

Usually, individuals in their 40s are suggested to get hair transplants because the confirmation of male pattern baldness can be determined at such an age. Sometimes younger men in their early 20s may also start experiencing hair loss. However, they are not recommended for men in their early twenties because the cause of hair loss cannot be known completely. Moreover, before the FUE or FUT technique, your doctor has to consider the facial features and the severity of your case. None of these things are determined in younger patients. Therefore, if you must, you should opt for hair transplant surgery if you are 25+ of age.

If you are eligible for a hair transplant age-wise, your doctor will consider the size of baldness, type of hair loss, and quality of the donor’s hair before recommending any technique.

What Does Hair Transplant Entail?

A hair transplant is a technique in which hair in the bald patch of your head is regrown with the help of areas that have some hair. Usually, a bald patch is present on the top of the head. With the help of the hair present on the side or back, the weak hair follicles present in the frontal area are strengthened. Since some strong hair follicles are essential, a bald person cannot undergo this type of surgery. Several advancements have been made regarding hair transplants in Dubai, and individuals suffering from pattern baldness are being treated at a large scale with different techniques.  

Treatments of Hair Transplant?

You can opt for various options if you want to combat bald patches on your hair. Some of these famous hair loss treatments in Dubai are discussed below.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT):

FUT is one of the two most famous hair transplant techniques. In this procedure, a strip of scalp skin from the back of the head is cut out. The strip cut-out is pretty long so that a big patch can be treated. This strip is further cut into small pieces implanted in the bald area of the head. As the implants heal, they start giving off a natural look. This way, the hair is restored through FUT.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

In the follicular unit extraction, hair follicles are directly cut out from the back of the head with the help of tiny incisions. Each hair follicle is gradually and one by one taken out of the functional part of the head. Then the area that has to receive hair is also incised to make tiny holes. Each strand is then placed slowly in the holes that are created. This procedure is carried out for thousands of hairs per session. FUE hair transplant is mainly opted for by the surgeons during hair transplant process.

If you are looking for non-surgical ways of treating hair loss, you have the option of PRP injections in Dubai

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections:

PRP injections are an effective treatment for hair loss. These injections will use your own processed blood to be injected into the scalp for the purpose of increasing blood supply to the hair follicles. In some fortunate cases, this non-surgical treatment will last for about eighteen months and two years. The benefit of this procedure is that it urges the thick hair to grow naturally once the blood supply strengthens hair follicles. People afraid to undergo surgical hair transplant treatments can opt for PRP injections. They have minimal side effects.

Cost of Hair Transplant:

FUT and FUE hair transplant costs around AED 6999 per session at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic. However, the cost can vary depending on the severity of your case. If you need more sessions, the price for a hair transplant will be higher for you.

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