When is the Root Canal Possible When the Root is Iinfected

Dentistry is not just about pulling your tooth off or whitening it using chemicals. The goal of dentistry is to preserve your tooth and help it refrain from decay. The most common causes of a decayed tooth is infection an infection that is progressed down into the roots leads the tooth two uh distort and as a result the extraction becomes mandatory for stop to prevent the tooth from being extracted and preserve it dentist perform a treatment called Root Canal Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah for stop the main objective of the treatment this to resolve the infection in the tooth. A little detail about root canals and infections are addressed in this article. 

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

 A root canal treatment is a conventional treatment which is done in order to preserve and conserve the tooth. 

A root canal treatment is done by cleaning, shaping and filling up the canals by removing the infectious pulp which is present in it. An infectious pulp is the main culprit that progresses towards the decay of the tooth. 

It is done manually by endodontic files and  in some cases it is also done through advanced technologies. It is also done by some Rotary endodontic motors. It is a very complex treatment and requires Extraordinary skills by the dentist to perform it.

What are the Indications of a Root Canal Treatment?

Following are some of the indications of root canal treatment: 

  •  Trauma to the tooth that has exposed the internal pulp of the tooth.
  •  Infection in the crown portion of the tooth that has entered into the roots.
  •  A tooth that is needed to be taken into support of  regular bridge .
  •  A tooth that is susceptible to mobility.
  •  A cracked a tooth that can progress into root fracture.

When is the Root Infected?

A common phenomenon in which a root gets infected is a carious cavity. Food impaction and debris that is left over in a tooth welcomes a lot of bacteria. As these bacteria feed on the remains of the food particles, As a result the gradual building up of bacteria into the crown portion of the tooth leads to the cavity. Once the cavity is formed this infection that is present  can penetrate deep down into the roots and the canals of the tooth. 

As a result this infection gives rise to a lot of pain and discomfort in the patient.

In contrast to the tooth infection, there are certain methods that can help in its resolution. The first and the foremost is a Root Canal treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

When is the Root Canal Possible?

A root canal is possible when the tooth is badly infected. This infection starts to take a toll on the patient. It becomes mandatory that it needs severe attention and prompt treatment tooth  infection is a very painful condition and only a root canal can subside the pain along with the clearance of the infection.

Steps of a former Root Canal Treatment:

As told earlier that a Root Canal Treatment is a very complex treatment and it requires a lot of precision and accuracy for here’s what you can expect in the in all treatment:

  •  Initial history taking and examination.
  •  Initial investigation through x-rays.
  •  Record of the initial working length.
  •  Access cavity opening.
  •  Remove all of the pulpal tissue from the crown as well as the roots.
  •  Filling the internal  root canals.
  •  Cleaning and shaping the root canals.
  •  Placing an antibacterial agent into the canals to limit the rate of infection.
  •  Filling up the canals using gutta percha.
  •  Core buildup of the tooth.
  •  Placement of crown .


After a root canal treatment session, just within the first visit you will witness that the pain has subsided to a very maximum level and you can now feel comfortable and relaxed. 

This does not mean that you should skip your next visits assuming that the pain has subsided so you don’t need the treatment further. This is the biggest mistake most of our candidates make and so completing the entire root canal treatment is recommended.

 Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Dubai:

The Cost of a Root Canal treatment in Dubai is variable. It depends upon the number of visits, the severity of the infection in the tooth, the skills of the surgeon and how complex the treatment will be.  It ranges from 1,000AED to 2,000 AED. Note that the root canal treatment is charged per tooth.

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