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Our teeth greatly influence us since they play a significant part in our life. They have an impact on our quality of life, which includes how we appear, how we communicate and eat, and how we feel about ourselves. So, if we have crooked teeth it will affect our beauty. Regardless of how much attention you give to oral hygiene. Bacteria can occasionally survive in teeth and cause discomfort, tooth decay, and fissures. At some point, it also has an impact on tooth sensitivity when eating or brushing. It must be filled before it becomes a visible hole because doing otherwise could have detrimental effects. Dental fillings in Dubai are the right choice for you if you have sensitivity in your teeth or have crooked teeth.

Ideal Nominees:

Before going through any treatment individuals must know that are they the ideal candidates for the therapy or not. Ideal nominees for the therapy are; 

  • Have cavity
  • a gap or hole in the teeth
  • tooth tarnishing
  • difficulty chewing
  • Having food trapped between the teeth
  • Intolerance of hot and cold food

Types of Dental Fillings:

You might be shocked by the variety of fillings available. They all have advantages and disadvantages, differ in color and strength, and require different types of care. Before getting your fillings, you should talk to your dentist about Dental fillings in Dubai.

Amalgam Fillings:

These are cheap, unappealing, and dark in hue. Quite a few people favor it. In these fillings, silver, mercury, and other metals are combined. Since the molars are where most chewing occurs, these filings are particularly robust and are the best choice for filling cavities there.

These fillings can be seen when you grin or laugh since they are metallic and not tooth-colored or readily hidden. They are the cheapest, which might be a huge advantage.

Composite Fillings:

These fillings are constructed of a mixture of glass or quartz filler and can be stained to match the shade of your teeth. These work well for little to medium-sized fillings and are also quite durable. They wouldn’t frequently be applied to molars. Your teeth match it exactly. Even though they are more expensive than other fillings, they are really worth it. This kind of filling for Dental filling in Dubai quietly and effectively restores the teeth that have been damaged.

Metal Fillings:

Truly, metal fillings are a matter of personal preference. Some people are happy with how they look, while others despise it fiercely. The most popular metals utilized for fillings are gold and silver. Despite the fact that gold can be rather expensive, some individuals prefer the way it looks to silver. Metal fillings can last up to 15 years and are more robust than composite fillings.

Ceramic Fillings:

Because they may be customized to match the color of your teeth and will not show as many stains over time as composite fillings, ceramic fillings, which are often made of porcelain, are becoming more and more popular. They can cost as much as gold fillings and are far more expensive. They are tooth-colored and outperform composite resin in terms of stain and abrasion resistance.

The ceramic filling has the disadvantage of being more brittle than composite filling, so it must be applied to big cavities to prevent breakage. In order to accommodate the additional bulk, the dentist can widen the space.

Ionomer Glass Fillings:

This cavity filling, which is created from a mixture of acrylic and glass, releases fluoride and safeguards your teeth. Since these filings are less sturdy, you should change them after five years. Children whose teeth are still growing typically use them. 

To prevent further decay, they inject fluoride into the tooth. However, because they are less durable than composite resin and are prone to cracking or wearing out, they only last a few years. Regular glass ionomer does not have the same natural appearance as composite resin.


In the first few days after Dental fillings in Dubai is over, our experts will provide you with advice on what to do and what not to do. Even though it’s common to feel some cruelty. Before everything returns to normal, it can take some time. Don’t forget to adhere to the recommendations stated below for quick healing.

  • For at least the first 24 hours following the surgery, avoid chewing anything hard.
  • Get in touch with your dental professional if sensitivity continues even after a week.
  • Get soft foods and beverages for both sides of the filling as well.
  • Teeth should be regularly cleaned. It’s a good technique to fend off bacterial assaults.
  • Regularly check your post.

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