Dental Filling Treatment Options in Dubai

It is always advised restoring your tooth cavities with a filling material at an earlier stage to prevent it from progressing into other severe problems that require a more complex treatment. The first and foremost sign that you needed until filling is when you notice a cavity in your tooth. One of the high-end products used for filling is composite which is a tooth colored restorative material that has fair strength to bear occlusive forces. Learn about dental filling options in Dubai and discover how each and every material is different from the other. 

What Causes Cavities in the Mouth? 

  • Bacterial invasions.
  • Susceptible tooth surface.
  • Decreased pH.
  • Time.

What are the Treatment Options for Cavities? 

The treatment options of cavities our base on the extender and get off the gravity full stuff and earlier solution that is not a very deep and it’s just a minor hole it can be reversed by proper brushing techniques and the use of appropriate mouthwashes with calcium that can remineralize the tooth surface. 

However in case of deep cavities that have not extended the pulp can be restored by the use of proper dental filling materials. 

What are Filling Materials?

A dental filling material is generally incorporated in the tooth to fill up the cavities which is often caused by bacteria and debris. The cavity can only be restored by a filling material when the decay has not extended downwards into the pulp of the tooth. 

What are the Dental Filling Treatment Options in Dubai? 

The following are the treatment options of dental tooth filling in Dubai :


Amalgam is a silver filling that is composed of zinc copper other metal alloys in blended with Mercury. It is one of the conventional feeling materials and successful because of its high strength. How ever it is now because of the hazards Mercury causes on the patient as well as the clinical setup where it is used.


GIC stands for class I know my Sims which is basically calcium hydroxide and other derivatives mixed with water to form a liquid and is then placed into the tooth. The GIC is normally treatment of choice for filling in primary teeth and it is also used as a bonding agent for orthodontic brackets

Gold Fillings:

Gold is also used as a feeling agent especially in the cavities that has almost involt the occlusal portion as well as the proximal portion of the tooth. A lot of people normally don’t irvest in Gold fillings because of its price. 

Composite Filling material:

Composite dental filling materials are considered as the best feeling materials because it is tooth coloured and has very good functional properties. It is not just use and the posterior teeth but also on the wayanterior teeth. 

Which is the Best Dental Filling Material?

Composite is the best filling material so far because of its high aesthetic property and the strength it bears it is easy to tackle and is non hazardous unlike Amalgam. 

How is the Procedure of Composite Filling Done?

  • Initial History taking and examination.
  • Diagnosis of the cavitated tooth .
  • Investigations through X-ray using periapic film .
  • Cavity preparation of the tooth using high speed hand piece.
  • Removing the carious or the soft lesion that is  invaded by the bacteria.
  • Isolation of the respective tooth .
  • Acid etching the tooth for adhesion .
  • Washing and drying the etchant .
  • Application of a bonding agent.
  • Curing the surface of the tooth that is well lubricated with the bonding agent.
  • Placing the composite filling material in increment.
  • Curing the tooth with curing light.
  • Placing a second increment of composite.
  • Repeated process of curing.
  • Modifying and finishing the outermost layer of composite.
  • Checking for the high spots.

Aftercare Instructions:

  • Avoid eating or chewing aggressively from the site of the treated tooth 
  • take soft diet on the first day of your filling
  •  avoid diet or food that consists of added flavors and colouring
  •  refrain from drinking excessive coffee or tea as composite can absorb stains 

What is the Cost of Composite Filling in Dubai? 

On average composite filling cost is about 500 AED to 600 AED. The cost may vary based on material used for filling.

  • Resin based composite for adults one surface 350 AED ( anterior) 350 AED ( posterior).
  • Two surface 550 AED (anterior) 550 (posterior) .
  • Three surface 700 AED ( anterior) 700 AED (posterior) .
  • Four surface 800 AED ( anterior) 800 ( posterior). 
  • Raisin based composite for children one surface 300 AED .
  • Two or more surfaces 500 AED .

The Final Verdict!

Composite filling material is one of the safest for use. There are many other benefits  also evolved that make composite one of the best treatment of choices. You can get your cavities filled in our clinic without any fear because it is the best dental clinic in Dubai saturated with a very fine team of dental specialists.