What To Avoid After Fillers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Cosmetic injectables are now the ultimate choice of almost every individual. Despite surgeries, people prefer getting filler injections to get their aesthetic problems fixed. Even if it’s of lips, under the eyes, or any area of the body. For the last ten years Lip fillers, body fillers, and face fillers and consistently in use. No one can deny their dramatic, instant results but they can be only grasped if you get filler treatment from authenticated clinic location. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, we use FDA-approved cosmetic fillers to deliver guaranteed results instantly even without any downtime.

If you are planning to get Fillers then you must perceive some guide to fillers. Every day our dermatologists receive hundreds of queries like What are the post-care instructions for fillers? What to avoid after fillers in Dubai? If you are also finding reliable answers to such questions, this blog will be going to benefit you.

What to Avoid After Cosmetic Fillers?

Aftercare matters a lot in fillers. This typically means grasping some know-how of what to do or what not to do after this injectable treatment. Our doctors typically provide a chart to patients that typically includes dos and don’ts. But here we have mentioned the most important guides that every person must avoid after getting fillers. Please check it out.

Itching and Pointless Touching:

Be gentle with your injected site. Don’t touch or rub it unnecessarily. Let the filler work completely before you continue your daily routine.

Intense Heat:

High temperatures or extreme heat can react differently to your filled skin. It makes the filler fade even more quickly. This way skin gets back into its normal state.

Smoke, Alcohol, and Other Drugs:

In every procedure, the most important thing is just to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Don’t go for smoking or other habits like this as they can reduce the life of fillers.


While having fillers for lips, try not to apply pressure on them. Do avoid kissing. Be gentle. Dermatologists even advise stopping straw-drinking as it puts force that can react unpleasantly to lips.

Facial Massage:

This must be avoided for at least two weeks. Because massages can blend your filler unevenly and could result in displeasing facial looks.

The query: What to avoid after fillers in Dubai? Is answered in this title. But note that aside from facial massage, the things mentioned above to avoid are just restricted for the first 24 hours. After this time, you can go for any activity but still, it’s better to have some prior discussion with the dermatologists. They will inform you best as per your present skin condition.

Important Tips After Fillers:

Don’t go for wrong perceptions while trying the tips. Aftercare positively impacts fillers but only when it’s advised by an authentic source. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, we propose a unique instruction plan as per the patient’s metabolic rates and cosmetic condition. Here we have mentioned the guides that are compatible with every patient. Take a look.

  • First of all, keep yourself hydrated. Drinking plenty of water would help a lot in preserving healthy, filled skin for the long term.
  • Use ice packs on the treated area but it’s better to have some prior discussion with the doctor in this regard.
  • Make-up products can be used instantly after treatment. Though, if you avoid such products for some time, as it may be beneficial for you.
  • While having fillers for lips, stick to the foods that are easy to eat. In simple words, just don’t put pressure on your lips.
  • Get all the prescribed medications or ointments. Follow every single guideline of the doctor.
  • Please do not sleep on the side of fillers. Try to lay on the backside for a few days.

Remember that fillers take a maximum of two weeks to settle. During this period, treat your skin carefully. Don’t miss any post-session as well as general guidelines.

In Conclusion:

Fillers in Dubai aftercare are the concern of most people who recently had filler treatment. I expect that this blog has cleared your post-care doubts. Still, if you wish to get more information about the query: What to avoid after fillers in Dubai? Then don’t hesitate to consult our expert dermatologist.

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