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“Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be”

As you all desired long, healthy, and shinney hair, but were unable to maintain your desired goal. There must be two reasons, firstly, because of an unbalanced diet, and secondly, might be your hereditary legacy. As your body required essential elements for growth, in the same way, your hair also needed necessary components, like vitamins, minerals, and proteins, to grow your hair, as long hair not only gives you a perfect look but also makes you more confident and independent. So if you are also suffering from this type of problem then no need to get stressed, Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic facilitates you with the best non-invasive procedure, to regrow and also fill the gaps of hair loss, continuous reading if you want to know more about, Hair Fillers How Does it Work?

Purpose of Treatment:

Non-invasive hair regrowth process is commonly known as Hair Fillers, it is very convenient and provides efficient and fast outcomes:

  • This process helps to regrow your hair.
  • It fulfills the requirement of essential elements in your scalp.
  • It works as a catalyst to increase hair growth.
  • It is easily accessible by men and women.
  • The treatment completely ended the hair loss.
  • And make you more confident.


The best technique in the competitive environment is Hair Filler if you want long and thick hair. 

This treatment is very beneficial, it has multiple advantages including:

  • This treatment prevents hair loss and makes your scalp more productive.
  • It is a non-invasive advanced treatment.
  • Boost up your confidence by regrowing your hair.
  • The treatment presents highly expressive outcomes.
  • Replace thinning hair with thicker.
  • It boosts up your hair growth process and also fills the gaps 
  • Long-term and natural results.
  • It also gives volume to your hair by fulfilling the main nutrient requirement.


At Enfield Royal Clinic, the experts provide the first free consultation to guide you in the proper manner, whether this treatment is suitable for your problem or not. there are some general categories to help you to check whether you are an ideal candidate for treatment or not:

  • Candidates must be above 20.
  • Applicants want thicker and stronger hair.
  • Desire to grow Long hair.
  • Candidates wanted to make themselves perfect.
  • Fulfill the nutrient requirement, which is essential for hair regrowth.


You must follow the instructions before treatment if you wanted to treat your hair issues.

  • Avoid all medications before treatment.
  • Leave all the alcoholic products
  • Stop smoking.
  • Protect your scalp from direct sun exposure.


This procedure is very convenient and customer friendly, it takes only 20 minutes to complete the procedure, and it consisted of the following simple steps.

  • Initially, the expert cleaned the affected area deeply. before starting the procedure.
  • Then multiple hyaluronic acid-filled syringes and needles are inserted into the treatment area.
  • It boosts blood circulation, which improves blood flow throughout the scalp.
  • This mixture also fills the requirements of essential elements.
  • The duration of the procedure depends on the treatment area of the patient.
  • Lastly, the dermatologist prescribes the required medication and guides you via post-procedure instructions.

After Procedure:

You need to take care of the instructions, to avoid infections and get the best results.

The main precautions are given below:

  • Do not touch or scratch the scalp.
  • Do not uncover the scalp in front of ultraviolet rays.
  • Apply ice packers to the treated area.
  • Avoid smoking and allergic medicines.


This procedure has a maximum success rate and minimum negative effects.

  • You have to take 2 sessions per week for getting maximum results.
  • It is applicable to all genders.
  • It is suitable for those who are suffering from extreme baldness.
  • Outcomes take time to appear.
  • The threat of treatment is very low. 
  • It triggers the growth of healthy hair.


If you wanted to know more about Hair Fillers How Does it Work? then must consult with the Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, exerts, The Cost of the Procedure is not constant, it depends on multiple factors. Such as conditions of hair loss, clinical area, dermatologist experience, reversal of the process, and the harshness of the therapy site The average price of the treatment ranges from AED 1,000 to AED 4,000. The main overall cost is dependent on:

  • Clinic Location.
  • Doctors expertise.
  • Patients Severity.
  • A number of sessions.

Free Consultation!

The professional, qualified, and favorably required dermatologists provide fast and efficient services as per your desired goals, to fulfill your hair flaws and help you get rid of hair fall problems, and achieve your desired goals. Then just fill out the below-given form and get your first free consultation and get information about Hair Fillers How Does it Work? they will further guide you about the suitability of treatment.