Botox and fillier for smile Line

Several factors contribute to the appearance of lines on our face. As we age, collagen production in our skin reduces. Also, our usual expressions can cause lines to prevail permanently. Smile lines are the lines created around the nose that extend around the mouth. These lines are also called nasolabial folds. Although the appearance of such lines over the course of time is perfectly normal, some people can be self-conscious about this. For such people, Botox and dermal fillers are offered at our clinic. If you are bothered by smile lines and want to get rid of them through a non-invasive procedure, you can consider the said treatments. Later in the blog, we will explain which procedure can benefit you the most if you are looking for smile lines’ treatment.

Botox and fillers have so extensively been used in the cosmetic industry that every person is aware of the common purpose they serve, i.e., removal of aging signs. But what is the difference?

What are Botox Injections?

Botox injections employ a toxin known as botulinum which is responsible for ceasing the working of a muscle. Once muscles stop contracting, wrinkles and smile lines stop becoming visible. Sometimes, Botox is used for medicinal purposes too; for instance, if your jaw hurts, your doctor may inject Botox to alleviate the pain. However, the major cause of Botox’ popularity is their function in restoring youth. This is why Botox in Dubai is becoming increasingly famous around individuals.

What Are Fillers?

Dermal fillers employ hyaluronic acid to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Fillers stimulate the growth of collagen which provides the skin with structure and definition. There are various types of fillers that serve the purpose of plumping up certain facial features. If you want to get rid of smile lines, you can opt for Fillers in Dubai.

Fillers VS Botox: Which One is Better for Smile Lines?

Botox injections as well as fillers are both viable options. This question is not an easy one to answer. Both the treatments yield desired results; however, dermal fillers are more famous because they can last for a comparatively longer time period. If you opt for fillers, the longevity of these results really depends upon the type of filler that you opt for. Juvederm and Restylane are the most famous ones that can vanish your smile lines for a long time.


Both the treatments, i.e., fillers and Botox give out equally amazing outcomes. Botox is still in use because fillers have not been able to replace it. This shows that Botox is also an effective treatment if you want to get rid of aging signs such as smile lines. Dermal fillers are equally efficient because they can reverse skin damaged from sun exposure or age. They can last for a long time, but you have to undergo touchup treatments to maintain the results for as long as two years. Moreover, the longevity of fillers and Botox depends upon how efficiently you take care of yourself. Following are some of the aftercare techniques that will maintain the results for you:

  •         Stay hydrated
  •         Avoid sun exposure
  •         Always wear sunscreen
  •         Avoid smoking
  •         Certified skincare products have also helped some of the clients.

Uses of Botox and Fillers:

  •         They are non-invasive in nature
  •         There is no down time to fillers or Botox
  •         Minimum risks attached to either of the treatments
  •         They can help you restore your confidence when you smile
  •         They can help you get youthful look back
  •         Botox and fillers are reversible. Therefore, you can reverse the treatment if you do not feel satisfied with the results.

Take Away!

Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is a cosmetic surgery clinic that offers both the treatments, i.e., Botox in Dubai and Fillers in Dubai. If you are divided between the treatment that is going to suit you best when it comes to smile lines, you can consult our dermatologists. All you have to do is contact us by calling or filling out this short form. Once you book an appointment with us, you will be acquainted with our dermatologists who can give you the best consultancy. We also offer a free initial consultation.