What Can You Expect When You Have Plastic Surgery For Breast Reduction

Plastic surgery for breast reduction:

We have good news for women who are bothered by their oversized breasts. Reduce the size of your breast by undergoing a safe and simple Breast reduction surgery in Dubai. This plastic surgery has made it possible for women to get a well-proportioned figure by adjusting the size of their boobs. The procedure is carried out in general anesthesia because it is major surgery. During the operation, excess tissue, fat, or skin is taken out from the breast to achieve the desired appearance. It is safe and the best way to get the physique of your dreams. It improves the body profile and eliminates uneasiness, pain, and discomfort that you were experiencing due to heavy breasts.

Some tips will be given to you to follow after having breast reduction surgery. Follow them carefully so you can recover and heal quickly. Apply prescribed medications on the wound to prevent the risk of infection from spreading in the body. The surgeon will stipulate his recommendation for follow-up so don’t forget to come for the follow-up visits.

Recovery from breast reduction:

  • For the first few weeks, you have to wear surgical bra throughout the day to hold the breast in a new position while you recover. The surgical bra also helps in minimizing swelling.
  • Stay with your friend or family member so that he/she can assist you in routine tasks during the recovery phase.
  • Sutures and drainage tubes placed during the surgery will require to be removed after a few days so be prepared for your visit.
  • You are allowed to resume your social and employment activities after about 3 weeks of the surgery
  • There will be some swelling, soreness, and bruising in your breast and the area surrounding it but don’t worry it will fade within one or two weeks.
  • Rarely in history, but some patients have reported hypersensitivity and numbness in their breasts for up to a year. Though there are very few chances, but if you have to experience it no doubt it will be a big problem for you.
  • Scaring is the only downside of this wonderful surgery. You might have scars around your nipple, or on the breast crease, the location depends upon the type of surgery you have undergone. They become less prominent over time but never completely go away.

Post-operative instructions:

  1. Have complete best rest, for at least 3-4 days have someone to live with you
  2. Aspirin and ibuprofen products should be highly avoided because they can slow the recovery process
  3. You are allowed to walk but need to refrain from strenuous activities
  4. Avoid lifting heavy objects for at least 2-3 weeks
  5. Keep the incision site clean, else it might lead to any life-threatening infection

Are there risks involved?

If you are interested in breast reduction surgery, all you need is to talk to a plastic surgeon. Discuss with him, your desires and expectations. He will design a perfect treatment plan after listening to your thoughts. Like other major cosmetic surgeries, it also has some risks involved. While consulting, ask the doctor about the risks in detail because they can affect your social and personal life for many weeks after the surgery. Go for the procedure only if the healthcare practitioner succeeds in satisfying you.

Breast reduction surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi carries a risk of significant complications, these include,

  1. Permanent Scarring.
  2. Bleeding.
  3. Anesthesia risks.
  4. Infection.
  5. Short of breath.
  6. Possibility of breast lift surgery.
  7. Blood clot.

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