What are Some of the Most Well Known Reasons for Breast Reduction Surgery

There is no doubt that this generation and era is all about having big busts and huge buttocks. Nonetheless having breast size which is way to larger than the normal body type is nave and  off.  Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is the leading method by which people including men and women both have felt a sense of satisfaction. Before hopping into breast surgery it is important to acknowledge what are the reasons that qualify for breast reduction surgery. 

What are Some of the Most Well Known Reasons for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Displeasing Self-Image:

A lot of the men and women are often not very pleased with their appearance especially when they have oversized breasts. 

It does not correlate with any medical condition but it is just the person’s own perspective of dislike. This often begins when people are body shamed.

This is the reason why many people residing in Dubai often choose breast reduction surgery.

Continuous Pain in the Body Due to Chest Heaviness:

Candidates who are born with a heavy chest normally complain about pain in their shoulders and the entire body because of the excessive weight of the breasts.

Secondly it also impacts their daily life activities as the heaviness makes them more lethargic and sluggish.  When things start to cost you your peace and life then it is better to get them treated right away

Presence of Tumor or Cancer:

According to Medical Sciences, oncologists who treat breast cancer often recommend breast reduction surgery prior to complete breast removal. This is normally done in cases where the tumor is very small in size and only a minimum portion of the breast can be removed. This is often done in Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai. 

Rashes or Irritation Below the Breast:

Large and heavy breasts often create a minor pocket which makes room for bacteria and fungi to seed. As a result infections and rashes become very common since there is no airway passage. A breast reduction surgery can limit the problems arising because of the huge size of the bust. 

Recurrent Infections:

Heavy breasts as mentioned earlier create a pocket and this favors bacteria little do you know that it also facilitates sweat accumulation in the area and this in turn provides a gateway for the bacteria to reproduce and cause infections. 

Sudden Weight Gain:

Women normally who gain weight instantly during their pregnancy sometimes fail to go back to their normal breast size.

They say that lactation does help in getting back to the size of your normal breast originally but this does not pertain to everyone.  Breast reduction surgery can be of great help in such a case. 

What are the Treatment Options for Breast Reduction in Dubai? 

According to some old wives tales, wearing the proper size of undergarments can help prevent the breast from exceeding the variable range of size.  The disproportion is basically because of inappropriate choice of the undergarments, however wearing tight slips and uplifting garments may help in the breasts to stay in the size intact but still cannot reduce their shape. The only treatment for reducing breast size is a Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai. 


It is important to keep the fact in mind that like tating mothers or those who are expecting should refrain from getting a breast reduction surgery it can have some teratogenic effects on the fetus as well as the mother. 

How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed? 


  •  Collection of lab reports to rule out diseases.
  •  Investigation through X-rays, mammography to roll out dancers or metastasis.
  •  the surgeon will tell you to abandon your blood thinners or medications for a few days.

The Surgery:

  •  The surgeon will mark the areas which will be generally reduced during the surgery.
  •  General anesthesia or a local anesthesia will be administered to numb the area.
  •  The surgeon will use a scalpel to incise and reduce the breast.
  •  The extra fat and skin will be removed.
  •  The skin is then approximated using fine threads.

What are the Post Treatment Care Instructions? 

  •   Follow the diet suggested by your surgeon.
  •   Award lifting heavy objects soon after the surgery.
  •   Clean your stitches with alcohol swabs.
  •   Keep the treated area dry and free of moisture.
  •   Go for the follow up if suggested by your surgeon.
  •   Maintain your weight, don’t allow it to exceed or fall abruptly.

Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai:

The Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai ranges from AED 35,000 to AED 40,000. If you visit the dynamic clinic the surgeon will guide you about the cost related concerns better and wisely. 

The Final Verdict!

If you feel you are under the threat of body shaming or displeased by your appearance then you have the complete right to change the problems encountering it. A breast reduction surgery is not just done in order to improve the aesthetics but also to help you raise your confidence and feel socially acceptable. If you are well convinced for a Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi then grab your appointment right now and call on the toll free number to schedule your appointment.