breast reduction in dubai

The need for breast reduction surgery validates when a person is normally feeling unacceptable about their body appearance. The requirement of breast augmentation becomes mandatory especially after Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai. Normally a breast reduction treatment causes some alterations in the body and so reshaping it also becomes quite important not for any medical purpose but for improving the aesthetics according to the candidates. The main thing you need to know is the waiting duration following a breast reduction surgery. 

What are the Common Causes of Breast Reduction Surgery?

  • A socially unacceptable feeling.
  •  self displeasing.
  •  any trauma to the breasts.
  •  post cancer treatment.
  •  excessive weight gain distributed in the chest.
  •  abrupt a weight loss from overall body except the chest.
  •  Sagging breast after ceasing lactation.

How Long after a Breast Reduction Surgery Can any other Breast Augmentation be Performed?

Since it is believed that after a breast reduction surgery one needs to go for breast augmentation nonetheless, there is one thing that needs to be acknowledged is the time duration between the breast reduction surgery and the breast augmentation. 

One must wait for around 6 to 12 months completely in order to receive a Breast Augmentation. This is not subjective for everyone and can be varied

Secondly there are certain factors on which the duration also depends upon.

Factors Associated with Delay in Breast Augmentation after Breast Reduction Surgery?

The Age of the Patient:

Age matters a lot in any surgery. The younger the patient the faster the healing mechanism will be and young patients tend to follow the post operative care instructions more keenly as compared to the older aged patients. 

 Therefore patients who are below 50 can have any second surgery on their breasts faster as compared to old aged patients.

The Presence of Comorbidities:

Underlying diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid etc make healing mechanisms slow in the body. In case of diabetic patients wound healing takes a lot of time and so the recovery also. 

Candidates who have underlying diseases should wait for more than a year after a Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai if they want to go for it a breast augmentation

The Recovery and Healing:

The recovery and healing again depends upon the age comorbidities and how keenly the candidate has followed the post operative instructions after the reduction surgery. So the faster the recovery the earlier the breast augmentation can be scheduled. 

Pregnancy and Lactation:

Women who have become pregnant after breast reduction surgery are exempted  from breast augmentation. Even after the pregnancy has completed they should cease any other surgery on their breasts until they complete the entire lactation phase.  The whole process can last from nine months to two years. 

How is Breast Augmentation Performed in Dubai?

Breast augmentation following a Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi is normally done by breast implants which is considered as one of the most successful surgeries.  

Here Is what you can expect in a breast augmentation: 

  •  Mapping and markings on the breast.
  •  Numbing the area using general or local anesthesia .
  • Incisions and lesser rating the marked areas to cut open and expose the skin.
  •  Placement of breast implants into the skin.
  •  manual remodeling and these are re- surfacing.
  • Approximation of the skin using fine stitches.


How Long Should I Wait After a Breast Reduction Surgery for Breast Augmentation?

The time required to wait for breast augmentation after breast reduction surgery ranges from 6 to 12 months

Is Breast Reduction Painful?

Breast reduction or breast augmentation are not painful at all since both the treatments are done under the effectiveness of local anesthesia

How Soon Can I Breastfeed after Breast Reduction Surgery:

Breastfeeding can resume back soon after a month following a breast reduction surgery

How is Breast Augmentation Done?

Breast augmentation is done by saline or silicone based Breast Implants

What are the Risks of Breast Implants?

The only major risk of breast implants is rupture which is also very rare. 

Where is the Best Breast Reduction Surgery done in Dubai ?  

If you’re looking for a center where you can be offered the best Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi followed by breast augmentation then the Dynamic Clinic in the UAE is on the hot seat.  

They run a lot of packages and offers which may include a breast reduction surgery along with breast augmentation.

The Wrap Up!

If you have taken breast reduction surgery in Dubai then just give yourself a 6 to 12 months of time frame and go for breast augmentation. The Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai is waiting for you so book your appointment right now and schedule your breast augmentation surgery as soon as your waiting period ends