Weight Loss With Body Contouring Treatment in Dubai

Make your body the best Art Work with the Body Contouring Treatment in Dubai!

We all are well aware of the importance of a healthy and fatless body. A slimmer and no fat body is not only just important for the cosmetic appearance that it’s appealing, looks attractive, and you can make the decisions you want without any limitation.

 It is a fact and cannot be escaped, but a slimmer and healthier body actually decides your future, social life, aesthetic, and life goals, and it couldn’t be wrong to say that your relations too. We all try hard to reach our ideal body weight. We usually almost get to our balanced weight, but final touches always remain there, making it challenging to get the desired body shape, as diet and exercise cannot remove the extra fat from some body parts. It’s where the Body Contouring Treatment in Dubai to finish off your weight loss journey with body contouring!

What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring is the body reshaping technique that removes the unwanted and extra fat bulges on the different body parts using several cosmetic treatments.

The following body parts might contain the excess fat:

  • Arms
  • Hips
  • Legs
  • Back 
  • Stomach
  • Love Handles

Why Do We Need Body Contouring?

Sometimes you are almost near to your goals but can’t get there properly because of many reasons like age, your body’s ability to store fat differently in different body parts or the exercise can’t take out the calories from the parts you want to. This is how these trouble fat spots stop our body from reflecting on struggle and the hard work we have done.

This is where people opt for cosmetic excess fat reduction and body contouring methods. The unwanted fat gets eliminated using different body contouring techniques to give you the body shape you have worked hard for. 

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Body Contouring?

Anyone near their ideal and optimal body weight is good for the body contouring methods to get a perfectly shaped figure.

Most Commonly Used Contouring Methods


Liposuction or lipo is a surgical fat reduction approach that eliminates the extra unwanted fat from the body parts like thighs, waistline, stomach fat, hips, and more. Liposuction uses a high-pressure suction therapy that vacuums away all the unwanted remaining fat after weight loss. But there are a few limitations like excess skin. 

Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck is another incredible fat reduction technique that works efficiently well for excess fat elimination after weight loss and pregnancy. This technique removes the unwanted fat and the excess loose skin, too, while rejoining the tissues and the muscles which get isolated during pregnancy and childbirth.  


It’s a non-surgical body contouring and unwanted fat reduction technique that freezes the fat using liquid nitrogen. The procedure is a win-win game for those who want the dreamy figure but are scared of going under the knife. The excess fat cells get frozen and then further flush out through a natural body process. 

Fat Grafting 

Some women have body goals that focus not just on one body part but also on many. The fat reduction method is based on taking fat cells from one body part to place them where they are needed. For instance, if a woman wants breast augmentation and, at the same time, the fat reduction from other body parts, This technique is the best to opt for!

How Much Does Body Contouring Treatment in Dubai Costs?

The estimated cost of the body contouring treatments might be the following:

  • The liposuction fat reduction treatment generally starts from 20,000 AED (Roughly)
  • The tummy tuck surgery will cost you about 30,000 to 35,000 AED (Roughly)

These are the roughly estimated price of the body contouring techniques. The CoolSculpting and Fat Grafting treatment charges will be finalized in the initial consultation with the expert at Dynamic Clinic in Dubai.

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