Body Lift Surgery Everything You Need to Know

Having a contoured and lifted body is a dream of many. People maintain their healthy diets and exercise daily just to make their bodies look exactly the way they want them. But some scenarios are there where you get no effective results with the help of diet and exercise such as pregnancy, aging, and heavy weight loss. These events make a lasting impact on your body that does not go away without surgery. For this purpose, the most done procedure is Body Lift. Get your queries cleared about Body Lift Surgery: Everything You Need to Know in Dubai.

What is a Body Lift Surgery?

Due to the low tissue flexibility, the skin cannot properly shrink when a person loses a lot of weight. Uneven contours are produced by the skin that hangs and sags. Dieting or exercise won’t be able to remove the extra skin. Surgery is necessary to remove the extra loose skin, which improves the tone and contour of the tissue under the skin and fat. An abdominal belt, excessive fat, skin, and tissue are all removed during a body lift treatment, leaving behind a smoother, younger-looking body shape. You might feel more confident and have a better perception of your physique thanks to these physical improvements.

How it is Performed?

Patients’ surgical procedures will differ based on the exact locations they choose to have treated. As everyone’s body is different from others so their needs also differ depending upon the most affected area as women have different needs due to changes in the shape of the body after pregnancy. And men have differences so the area treated can be less or can be more than others. The procedure specifically remains the same for most parts of the body. 

  • The procedure usually starts by inducing general anesthesia for major parts. Local anesthesia can also be given when the treatment area does not take a long time to be treated. As well it is also decided on the time of treatment.
  • After that marking is done over the body with a prominent marker which is also known as mapping in order to identify where to make incisions.
  • In order to reach the superfluous skin and remove it as well as tighten the tissue in some regions, broad incision lines are usually made using a knife. 
  • The locations that will be treated and the particular requirements of the patient receiving the operation will determine where the incision lines should be made. 
  • The incision lines will be made across the bottom of the abdomen or back, running from hip to hip, because they tend to extend over the whole width of the body while elevating the stomach or back.
  • Then the area of skin is cut off to remove the excess skin along with the procedure of liposuction in some cases in order to remove excessive fat. Tissues are also removed in the same duration. After the area is set up properly the incisions are kept close and sutures are made.
  • With cotton, the area is kept clean and a bandage is placed over it for protecting the area from any pressure or germs.


It is really very necessary to take care of the treated area in order to have a fast recovery as well as to protect yourself from any infection which will at last yield amazing results. Following are some aspects that are needed to be kept in mind as aftercare:

  • Take a proper amount of rest and an 8-hour sleep.
  • Intake of an adequate amount of water for a healthy stomach and hydrated body.
  • Regularly take the prescribed medicines.
  • Use stitches softening cream to avoid the area from getting dry.
  • Move the area from time to time as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Clean the treated area on daily basis.

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