Upper Eyelid Surgery Cost Dubai

The procedure done to correct lower and upper eyelids is known as Blepharoplasty. Typically, this surgery is charged differently for each concern. The cost for lower eyelids differs from the cost of upper eyelids. This blog has clarified this confusion by stating the standard estimate of Upper Eyelid Surgery Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Continue ahead.

Average Estimate: 

On average, you are expected to pay between AED 11,500 to AED 25,000 as the cost of upper eyelid surgery in Dubai. While for lower eyelids, this cost may exceed a bit higher. Note that, this cost appraisal is not full and final. Speak directly to our doctors for unique guidance in your specific eyelid condition.

Important Factors:

Whether you have decided on this surgery or not, I expect that cost fluctuation concerns would be hitting you hard. Here are the factors you need to consider while deciding the eyelid surgery cost.

Eyelid Condition:

Every person undergoes a unique eyelid problem. This way, procedure complexity varies as therefore the cost. Based upon the symmetry of eyelids and facial structure of the patient the surgery is performed. You can expect to have minor cost fluctuation from the estimated charges.

Surgeon’s Expertise:

The one who is performing your surgery must be professional in Eyelid surgeries. Typically, experienced practitioners charge a bit more for their expert skills. At Dynamic Dubai, our surgeons are highly skilled, still, we provide cost-effective rates so that it becomes affordable to get treatment by an expert.

Other Expenses:

Additional surgery expenses are one of the major causes that result in cost variation. Ask your doctor if the estimated cost includes other medical expenses such as anesthesia fees, blood tests, medicines, and surgical facilities. Normally, the Upper Eyelid Surgery Cost in Dubai covers all the expenses but prepare yourself to have minor cost fluctuation. Though at Dynamic you just need to pay the one-time amount and we will provide you all services at that one cost.


Once you are satisfied with the cost of surgery and you have planned your budget. The very next step is the candidacy analysis. Ensure your candidacy with the procedure. Examine yourself first. If you are fine with your puffy, baggy, or droopy eyes then it is acceptable. Otherwise, get this surgery.

Well, consultation is the best way to find if this surgery suits you. Based upon the medical analysis you will be given a couple of guides before and after the procedure. You need to follow them consistently to get fruitful results from surgery.

Discount Offers:

To ease the payment of large expanses, we propose various financial offers for our patients occasionally. Our social platforms are continuously updated with our latest offers. Keep checking our Instagram, Facebook page for newest updates.

At Dynamic Dubai, you can get the price of your visions. Avail of the discount on your Eyelid Surgery in Dubai by contacting our consultants.

The Takeaway:

Face-to-Face consultations are always best. After consultation, we can provide you a perfect estimate of the cost. Blog posts can only inform standard charges. Such charges typically are not meant to be final in every individual case. Instead of deep cost study, go for direct assistance from our surgeons. They gather all details about your health and aesthetic desires as well. Based on such particulars you will be given a cost appraisal that you would spend on this surgery.

I hope you find this blog beneficial in finding Upper Eyelid Surgery Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Still, for further information, consultations and queries, contact our team now. Drop your message in chat, use an online form or call us directly at provided numbers.