Eyelid Surgery Pros Cons, Side Effects, Scars and After Care

General Overview:

You will be surprised to know that your eyes are the major part of the face that starts to show premature signs of aging as you get older. It can be associated with a couple of signs and symptoms like tear troughs, drooping of the eyelids, the appearance of haziness in your eyes, cataract, or watery eyes. Keeping these factors into consideration we have now come up with an Eyelid Surgery in Dubai that not just controls lacrimation but also enhances the overall appearance of your eyes.  

What is Eyelid Surgery?

An eyelid surgery which is also known as blepharoplasty is a kind of surgery that is done in order to remove the fat which is present underneath the eyelids.  Medically, the bulging below the eyelids is not just because of the presence of the fat but it is actually an excess of skin that has started to drool down as a result of a low concentration of collagen and elasticity. 

The goal of eyelid surgery is to actually improve the vision that is often hindered because of the sagginess of the skin across the eyeball.

 We in the dynamic clinic performed this surgery under the strict supervision of specialized surgeons along with some secondary treatments such as brow lifting or tear troughs surgery in Dubai. 

Benefits of Eyelid Surgery:

  •  Instantly plumps up the eyes and resolves the puffiness in the eyelids.
  •  Makes your eyelids well-creased and well-contoured.
  •  Works on dark circles as well.
  •  Has a better role against the clear troughs.
  •  Make your eyes look a lot more sharper and youthful.

 Important Facts Related to Eyelid Surgery:

  •  The procedure is quick.
  •  It’s completely surgical.
  •  Is done under the influence of local anesthesia.
  •  The downtime is quite less and the entire surgery lasts for about one hour.
  •  Patients normally recover within a week.
  •  The surgery is approved by the board of medical directors.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Eyelid Surgery? 

  •  Candidates who possess sagginess and drooping skin around their eyes.
  •  The men and men with the extensive eye bags.
  •  Candidates who have dropped eyebrows as a result of sagginess in the skin around their eyebrows.
  •  Candidates who have reported some blurred vision.

When is the Best Time to Go for an Eyelid Surgery? 

According to our physicians, it is suggested that candidates who are above 30 or in their mid-30s can undergo blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery in Dubai. 

It is favored that candidates who want to undergo this surgery should be devoid of any other medical conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes or hypertension.

How is the Procedure of Eyelid Surgery done in Dubai?

  • History taking and examination.
  •  Administration of local anesthesia.
  •  Checking the effectiveness of local anesthesia.
  •  At first, the surgeon will make some incisions across the force present on the eyelids.
  •  The fat and the fixed muscles are removed.
  •  The skin is sutured back using surgical tape or regular threads.
  •  Dismissal from the outpatient department after observing the post-treatment critical time.

The Aftercare:

It takes about one to two weeks for complete recovery after the eyelid surgery.  your eyes may swell in the first few days however it can seize within a period of time. it is better to follow the Post-treatment care instructions that include: 

  • Taking a liquidated diet.
  • Keeping your eyes away from excessive exposure to light.
  • Using a cold compress to release any swelling. 
  • Avoid using makeup around the eyes. 

The Pros and Cons of Eyelid Surgery?

The Pros:

  •  Help in improving the overall vision of the eyes.
  •  Enhances the entire facial profile.
  •  Contours the eyelids perfectly.
  •  Helps in the maintenance of Irish symmetry.

 The Cons:

  • Requires a very skillful surgeon for the surgery to keep performing.
  • May lead to some scars.
  • Secondary surgery may be required in a few years’ time.

The Side Effects of Eyelid Surgery?

There are no side effects of having Eyelid Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for some however in cases of choosing an inexperienced surgeon the following:  

  • Potential risks can be expected to occur.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Redness in the eye discomfort and pain after the surgery.
  • Failure to remove the sagging skin around eyelids.

The Cost:

On average, blepharoplasty, or the Cost of Eyelid Surgery in Dubai starts from about 10,000 AED. You must be wondering why the cost is so high but let us inform you that the surgery is performed by some of the top-notch surgeons not just in the clinic but in the entire UAE.  Each and every team member performing the surgery is highly skillful and well-experienced. 

 The Final Verdict!

 Consult our top-notch surgeons before undergoing the surgery and seek the right recommendations from them prior to the surgery. We assure you that you will have a very satisfied experience with us and will surely come back to us for other treatments as well.