Eyelid Surgery With a Brow lift

Is the saggy skin around the eye bothering you? Because they indicate aging signs, the eyes play a significant role in overall beauty because they are the first feature that people notice about your face. We can communicate a variety of emotions and expressions through our eyes and brows, both consciously and unconsciously. Unfortunately, normal aging changes frequently produce undesirable features and give people dull, depressed, or angry behavior. Do you have an issue with drooping eyes? Not a problem. The world has been altered by medical science. You can now mold yourself precisely how you want. If you want to enhance your eye look, Eyelid surgery with a brow lift very effectively improved your look.

The Aim of the Eyelid Surgery:

It is a technique used to make an incision on the upper and lower eyelids to remove fat or the appearance of baggy eyes. This procedure is also used to get rid of eye fat and clear up blurry vision brought on by drooping eye bags. Additionally, this procedure is used to improve the appearance of your eyes by giving them an Asian or Arabian appearance or to enlarge tiny eyes. Eyelid Surgery in Dubai is used to rejuvenate the eye area by removing extra skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids, rearranging the fat in the lower eyelids to reduce circles, and removing extra skin from the lower eyelids.

Pre-procedure Instructions:

Before the procedure, dermatologists perform a quick physical or medical examination on the patient and advise the following:

  • Deeply examine the eyelid region and ask about your desired goal.
  • Give quick eye-vision inspections.
  • Skip smoking and drugs because they restrain the healing process.
  • Inform patients to stop taking drugs at least one week before surgery.
  • Protect yourself from the sun’s rays.


Blepharoplasty in Dubai is the main treatment used to contour your eye shape. It is performed in the following steps:

  • Dermatologists will first administer anesthesia, which will numb the eye surface and prevent the eye from moving while it is sedated.
  • Then the expert will mark the area, and a series of dots will be drawn on their skin using a fine-tipped surgical marker.
  • Then the expert will make a small incision line on the upper side, which follows the curve of the brow and maintains a safe distance below the lower side of the forehead.
  • The surplus fat is then removed from the top eyelid to give it a curvy shape.
  • The eyes initially appear round and long from the top but are still saggy from the bottom under the lower eye.
  • Then the expert will make an incision on the lower eyelid to remove extra fat and create a lengthy, stretched appearance.
  • The duration of the process depends on the condition of the eye, as the lower eye is more challenging than the upper.
  • Then the expert will pack the incisions with stretches and bandages and advise you to open your eyes slowly.
  • Then the expert will advise you about post-procedure care.

Aftercare Instructions:

After the treatment, you may feel some discomfort. Your eyelid specialist will clarify for you how to control any infection and boost healing; applicants should follow the following guidelines:

  • You will initially experience bruised eyes after the operation, but they will be gone after a few days.
  • Applicants should avoid driving after the procedure, and contact lenses cannot be worn for some time.
  • The bandage is taken off after one to two weeks.
  • For quick healing and recovery, the right medication is administered.
  • If a patient experiences dry eyes, necessary ointments will be prescribed.
  • After the dressing is taken off, the swelling lasts for almost a month.
  • Cleanse the area with lukewarm water and a soft cloth or cotton ball.
  • Take a proper diet.


The Brow lift Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is very effective at rejuvenating your appearance by giving an enlarger shape to your eye. It shows uncountable benefits, some of which are given below:

  • It shows an appreciable reduction in the looseness under the eyes.
  • It reduced the visibility of under-eye dark circles.
  • It increased vision due to a wider field of vision.
  • Lifting your brow and eyelids can make your eyes appear brighter and younger.
  • Those who have hooded eyes may be wondering because it can aid in solving this issue as well.


The price of this treatment may differ from clinic to clinic depending on a number of variables, including the level of the clinic, the Dermatologists level of expertise, the equipment’s quality, and the clinic’s location relative to its clientele. The Cost of Eyelid Surgery with a Brow lift in Dubai starts between AED10,000 and AED20,000. But keep in mind that the dermatologist will disclose the precise fee at the time of the consultation.

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