types of braces in dubai

Shiny bright, well aligned teeth are everyone’s dream. Not all the teeth and smiles what you see on the television screen are natural. Even celebrities require dental treatments for themselves like Ceramic Braces in Dubai for a luxurious profile.

You can also get an ideal smile by seeking orthodontic treatments through types of braces. Getting braces is a very long and lengthy procedure. However, the outcomes are amazing and worth the wait. The entire treatment depends upon the patient’s compliance, steadfastness and patience. They may initially be painful but when you see the results of braces all your pain will go away.

What Are the major types of braces in Dubai? 

Metal braces:

These are the regular and conventional type of braces. They have been used successfully for a very long time. The reason why they produce good results is because of their durability and resistance to fracture. They can bear high loads but still require complete care. Metal braces in Dubai are not very costly and so they are easily affordable by everyone.


  • Metal braces are resistant to fracture
  • Metal braces have the tendency to bear very high biting forces
  • Are less expensive as compared to the other types of braces
  • Debond from the tooth surface easily


  • Are silver colored and so look very prominent
  • Can hurt the patient when placed in the corners of the mouth
  • Need rubber rings to be placed over to keep wire intact and more bacteria tends to seed within the brackets

Ceramic braces:

The ceramic braces in Dubai are a new yet unique orthodontic treatment. People are becoming more and more aesthetic conscious and so is the demand for ceramic braces. The best thing about the ceramic braces treatment is that they work silently! Unlike the metal braces, the ceramic brackets are tooth colored and so they are not visible over the surface of the teeth. However, they will still be working to straighten, tilt, rotate and align the teeth.


  • are tooth colored and hence do not hinder in the patient’s confidence while smiling
  • Have equally similar strength and durability like metal brackets
  • Do not cause excessive
  • Do not exert much pressure when placed over the tooth surfaces


  • Ceramic braces are very hard to de bond from the tooth surface
  • They are expensive because they are tooth colored

Damon braces:

A newer yet useful technique that is used after the traditional metal braces are the Damon braces system in Dubai. These are the most successfully running types of braces that have taken cosmetic dentistry to a very next level. They do not require any rubber O-rings to be placed over when the wire is fitted on to them. The wire is just adjusted on the Damon brackets without any rubber rings. The brackets hold the wire within themselves.


  • Damon brackets are tooth colored like ceramic brackets
  •  They require less time in straightening the teeth
  • They are more comfortable
  • They are easy to clean unlike the traditional bracket


  • Can cause some minor gum diseases
  • Cannot replace wire and so the smile still shows some piece of metal

Lingual braces:

Are you still not convinced with any type of braces yet? Do you find the appearance of metal on the outer surface of your teeth displeasing? We at Enfield Royal clinic are more than pleased to introduce something very raging in the world of dentistry. The Lingual Braces in Dubai are a new and improved technique that have amazing features. As all the braces are placed over the frontal surface of the teeth, the lingual braces are different. They are bonded at the inner surface of the lower teeth. They are not visible outside and only the patient and the dentist knows about its placement.


  • Are not visible on the outside surface of the tooth
  • Have a very good bonding with the teeth hence can resist chewing forces.
  • Provide confidence while smiling


  • Can cause some discomfort to the tongue
  • They take a longer time to straighten teeth as compared to the conventional braces.

The bottom line!

Our vision is to reconstruct and create smiles on those who are seeking them. Our team of dentists in Enfield Royal clinic strive to work with dedication just to satisfy our valuable patients.