Can metal braces help with TMJ

Teeth are the most crucial part of our face. Properly aligned teeth give more potential to your smile and enhance your facial beauty. You can easily talk, eat chew hard objects with the muscles attached to your jaws and teeth. Sometimes some problems in teeth lead to malfunctioning of your temporomandibular joint which assists in many oral functions. You began to face many issues in speech, and eating and feel hesitant to smile with misaligned teeth. 

Now there are many treatments available for treating this disorder such as braces and surgical processes. If you are suspected of this disorder your healthcare provider will choose the best treatment for you. He will tell Can metal braces help with TMJ or not. Get rid of this problem and get aligned teeth. 

What is TMJ?

It is the short form of the temporomandibular joint. The articulation of the lower mandible with the lower part of the skull forms this joint. It has muscles attached to it that help in opening and closing the mouth. Any injury, trauma, cyst, or tumor in the jaws causes defects in this joint. This disorder causes pain and soreness in the jaw and results in difficulty in opening and closing the mouth. The lower joint gets misaligned and results in many oral problems.


It is a painful disorder and causes many dental and oral problems. The major symptoms that appear when you get prone to this disorder are as follows

  • pain in the lower and upper joints.
  • Stiffness and stretching of muscles.
  • Earache and pain in the lower head.
  • You may also feel discomfort in your neck and back.
  • Difficulty in grinding and chewing food.
  • You both jaws do not meet appropriately.
  • The teeth get more misaligned and feel pain in them. 
  • Problem with talking and feeling reluctance in speech.
  • Severe headache and pain in lower back and shoulders.

What Are its Causes? 

TMJ disorder causes severe pain and stiffness in joints. It is caused by numerous factors in our oral cavity. Improper alignment of teeth is the major cause of the disorder. A person with different bites such as overbites, underbites, and crossbites may lead to pain in joints. Moreover, smaller or larger teeth that do not match each other completely are also causes of this disease. The misaligned and uneven teeth create more pressure on the jaws that disturbs the normal functioning of joints. 

Any trauma or injury during the sport is also the leading cause of disrupting jaw function. The cushion in the jaw breaks and does not absorb shocks or traumas. It causes a clicking sound in your jaw when you open or closes your mouth. 

Will Braces Help TMJ Disorder?

Braces are the most suitable solution for the treatment of TMJ disorder. It depends on the cause leading to it. If the person has unaligned teeth with improper bites then braces are a true solution for it. It will age all the misplaced teeth in their place and a person can get rid of this disorder. 

If this disorder results from teeth grinding or clenching then braces are the safest solution for it. Difficulty in chewing or grinding is also usually caused by improperly aligned teeth. A person with a straight may face this oral problem. In both cases, braces serve as a rescue and restore the normal functioning of joints. 

But unfortunately, extreme cases are not effectively treated by braces. You have to see your dentist to see which procedure is more suitable for you. It majorly depends upon the intensity of symptoms that sometimes can be treated by non-invasive treatment. 

What are the Different Types of Braces?

Before your healthcare provider prescribes braces other factors must be ruled out. If it includes misalignment and other severe issues it may include surgical procedures. There are different types of braces that are used for different purposes. 

  • Traditional braces:

These braces are applied to the front teeth. It mainly treats crooked teeth, misaligned, overbites, and underbites in the oral cavity. 

  • Ceramic braces:

These braces are transparent or teeth color. They serve the same function as traditional braces and resolve many issues.

  • Lingual braces:

These braces are silver in color and fixed at the back of the teeth. They are more effective in aligning the misplaced teeth and treating crooked teeth.

  • Suresmile:

They are removable aligners that cure all bite issues. It properly aligns the teeth and restores the functioning of TMJ.

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