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What is a Turkish Hair Transplant?

Turkish Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is an expensive operation because it demands the great expertise of the surgeon. Follicles are extracted from the back of the head and inserted in the incisions, made in front of the scalp. It is considered the best method to fight against baldness because it results in the growth of new hair that looks just like natural hair.

At our clinic, we have been welcoming our patients for years to provide them with facilities and services. Bald spots on the head can lower one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. All the hair problems such as hair fall, pattern baldness, hair thinning, and receding hairline can be cured if treated at the initial stage. If you have lost all your hair and you are fully bald then you cannot get a hair transplant because the transplant requires sufficient hairs on the back of the scalp that will transplant into the bald areas.

Why is Turkey Best for Hair Transplants?

Turkey is well-known for providing the Best Hair Transplant to patients. Cosmetic clinics located in Turkey offers transplant at much lower costs compared to other countries. Now you don’t need to travel to Turkey to get the best transplant, you can get it in Dubai as well. The cost is usually 2 to 3 times lower as compared to US and UK. It varies from person to person depending upon the technique chosen by the surgeon (FUE or FUT).

How many Types of  Turkish Hair Transplants are there?

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT):

It is also known as follicular unit strip surgery FUSS. In this procedure. A 5-6 inch strip of skin from the back of the scalp is removed and divided into 500 to 2000 tiny grafts. The donor area is immediately hidden by the hair around it.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

The surgeon initializes the procedure by shaving the back of the scalp. From there hair follicles extract one by one. The area heals with small dots, which your remaining hair will cover.

Result Of Turkish Hair Transplants:

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What can you Expect from Turkish Hair Transplant?

The transplanted hair will fall out after some days of the surgery, but it will grow again in about 3 to 4 months.

How Much Time Does it Take to Recover?

It is mandatory to follow post-surgical instructions otherwise the recovery period will be very long. For some days you will experience some swelling on your face and scalp so you will be on antibiotics, painkillers, and steroids for a few days.

What are the Factors that Can Affect the Cost?

Various factors affect the overall cost of the transplant. These factors are:

  • Size of the Treatment Area:

For the best Hair Transplant in Dubai, you are required to have a large number of donor hairs. If you have sufficient donor hairs on the scalp you are just right for the treatment. There is a significant increase in the cost when you add hair on the entire scalp than on one or two specific areas of the scalp.

  • The technique of Turkish Hair Transplant:

The cost also varies with the technique the surgeon is using in the procedure. Mostly, the surgeon uses one of the two techniques in the hair transplant procedure:

  1. Follicular unit extraction
  2. Follicular unit strip surgery
  • The Surgeon of Turkish Hair Transplant:

Surgeons who have skills and years of experience in hair transplants usually cost more than the ones who are fresh in this field.

  • The reputation of the Turkish Hair Transplant Clinic:

Well-reputed clinics offer hair transplants at higher rates than obscure clinics.

  • Turkish Hair Transplant Location:

Turkey is popular for offering transplants at much lower rates than all the other countries. But you can get it at the same cost in our clinic as well. In another context of location, we can say surgery costs will be high in areas where the cost of living is high.

Why Choose Us?

Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is the best cosmetic surgery Clinic in Dubai. We have expert and board-certified surgeons who extensively train in hair transplants. They are here to solve all your hair problems and for them, client satisfaction is on the top of the priority list. Now, you don’t need to go to Turkey for a hair transplant you will be treated here in Dubai at the same price.

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