tummy tuck treatment in dubai

For many reasons, most women opt for Tummy Tuck in Dubai to remove the loose and sagging skin on the abdomen. Let’s not go to the causes and make a long story short by coming towards the recovery process. Yes, tummy tuck recovery.

Some patients may find it complicated and challenging as the period is longer. But it is not so complex if the patient strictly follows the surgeon’s instructions.

Here is the complete guide for you!

How long does the recovery take?

This is an outpatient treatment that doesn’t require a hospital stay. The patient can leave the hospital/clinic on the same day. It usually takes two months for the patient to start feeling better. However, the recovery period varies from patient to patient and other essential factors, including age group, physical health, surgery type, and post-therapy guidelines. 

Stages of Recovery

Before the process starts, the patient must discuss the estimated recovery time of the practitioner. Below might be the recovery phases of tummy tuck recovery you can ask about:

  • When and how should the patient start taking a bath? There are some instructions to follow, which your surgeon will guide you about.
  • How long will the downtime be, and when the bandages should be removed?
  • When the patient is allowed to get back to everyday life(social and work-life)?
  • Which drugs or medications are for the post-procedure recovery period? 
  • When should the patient start taking follow-up sessions?
  • When should the patient rejoin the gym after the treatment?

The client will be handed a list of post-treatment dos and don’ts, but it is recommended to ask about the guidelines.

Timeline for Recovery

After the process gets completed, the patient will be taken to the recovery room in the clinic/hospital, where the healthcare professional will examine the incision and will guide you about the following:

  • The estimated recovery time for the patient individually.
  • How the incision should be taken care of carefully.
  • What instructions a patient has to follow strictly after the treatment and during the recovery. 
  • When to get socially and usually active.

The patient must have someone to look after them after the treatment and during the recovery as the patient will not be capable of doing their own tasks. 

Tips for Recovery

The foremost tip is the Rest, Rest and plenty of Rest by following the surgeon’s post-treatment care. 

  • The wound should be maintained daily with a complete record of the blood drainage.
  • Wounds or the incision site should be dried and cleaned daily.
  • Daily bandage removal is also recommended.
  • Applying topical creams on the incision and taking prescribed medications or antibiotics is compulsory to have a worry-free recovery period. 
  • Continue wearing the compression garment for abdominal support until your surgeon asks to remove it. It really helps prevent swelling and pain.
  • Few more tips that are must follow after the procedure for a smoother recovery period:
  • It is recommended that the person become a non-smoker and non-drinker for just three months after the abdominal therapy. Alcohol and tobacco consumption impacts the wound badly.
  • Take some time off from exercising, workout, and the work that demands physical activity. 
  • Avoid picking up the small children and other heavy objects too.

Factors Affecting Recovery Time

As mentioned earlier, tummy tuck recovery varies from person to person and other following factors:

  • The type of the abdominal surgery a patient got (mini tummy tuck surgery, classic or full tummy tuck surgery, or extended tummy tuck surgery)
  • Age of the patient (Old or young)
  • Patient’s General Health
  • Post-treatment care(this really matters).

Side Effects of Surgery

The patient should expect to experience intense pain in the initial days of the tummy tuck recovery, which is normal, and the pain killer medicines are used to relieve the pain. Swelling is expected to remain there for almost three months. The patient may feel numbness in the tummy for a few months after the recovery. The scars of the incisions might be raised in the colour red, but they will eventually fade away. Also, it is entirely normal to have bruises on the abdomen.

Bottom line

Tummy Tuck is a surgical process with incredible results so far. It takes time to eventually settle in and show the results. There is a lot to do and care for properly in the recovery process to finally get what you have been working on for so long. This recovery time is manageable and can be easily done with a professional’s help. If you have made a big decision in your life, Make it worthwhile by experiencing the incredible Tummy Tuck Treatment in Dubai at Dynamic Clinic.