Thread Lift for Jowls Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Jowl lines are one of the most unappealing abnormalities of the face; it disrupts the entire facial profile and it’s very displeasing to see. As a person ages the jowl lines start to appear and become more and more prominent over time. Jowl lines  need a very effective treatment like facials or thread lifts that can eradicate them completely and prevent them from reoccurring again and again.  You will be delighted to know that our clinic is now introducing thread lift  for jowl lines Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  The treatment is done by a highly professional and skillful team that ensures you a perfect facial profile with a radiant and younger look. 

What are Jowl Lines?

Jowl lines are the term that refers to the bulging or bumpy jawline that occurs on the face; it makes the face look bulkier and the skin  appears in the form of tags and folds.

What Causes Jowl Lines?


Aging is one of the most common reasons for jowl lines.  People who eat healthy fruits and vegetables are subsequently less prone to getting jowl lines because a healthy diet can postpone the process of aging and promote the growth of new cells of the body. 

Dehydrated skin:

Your skin needs enough oxygen and water balance for nourishment. When the body fluids especially water from the skin starts to lessen it gives rise to the sagginess of the skin.


 If your parents have jowl lines then it is very likely that it can pass on to you too. Jowl lines can be inherited and they need not to be due to any special cause.

What are the treatments for jowl lines?

If you want to get rid of your jowl lines and you are very worried then know that you can now calm yourself down by PDO thread lift for jowls in Dubai. The treatment we are offering is one of the most effective threadlift.  PDO Thread lifting is by far the most effective treatment for jowl lines and the candidates who have taken it are now praising it and are taking sessions regularly.

What is a thread lift treatment?

A thread left is just like a face lift. The technique is all about using a threading material and placing it on one side of the skin and pulling or lifting it on the other side. This method tightens up the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles or sagging of the skin.  The treatment mostly targets the areas around the eyes, down the cheeks and the double chin.

A very skillful person is required for thread lift and for this reason we have a very specialized team of facial aestheticians who can perform this procedure on the respective candidates.

The areas mostly targeted by thread lift are the under eyes, brow lines, cheeks and double chin.

What can you expect after the treatment of jowl lines? 

  • A smooth and tightened jaw line. 
  • A radiant and younger looking skin. 
  • No more saginess of the skin below the jaw.
  • A well contoured facial profile with improved texture.
  • The skin becomes more tightened and the wrinkles fade off. 


  • You feel More confident than before. 
  • A tightened and contoured skin. 
  • No more sagging of the chin and jowl lines.


  • Over tightening that can cause discomfort. 
  • May take a little longer to show the results. 

What is the cost of thread lift treatment?

Thread lift for jowls cost in Dubai can depend on the condition and extent of the jowl lines. You can contact us for the exact cost after consulting the aesthetician.

Why choose us? 

We are the right pick for Thread lift in Dubai because our trained staff has transformed many candidates to a new change. All our past candidates recommend us to the others knowing that we provide promising results. Take a thread lift session and go home with a look years younger!