Things you Should Know Before Getting Non Surgical Bum Lift in Dubai

Give natural-looking volume and lift to your butts with Injectable treatments. The two most common types of bum injectables are dermal fillers and fat injections. While anyone can opt for this non-invasive buttock enhancement, according to a recent survey, it was concluded that in general, this method holds more popularity among women than men since women are more conscious about their figure.

Understanding Non-Surgical Bum Lift:

A non-surgical bum lift in Dubai is also called a Brazilian butt lift. In this cosmetic procedure, the appearance of the buttocks is enhanced non-surgically. It involves injecting a special dermal filler, Sculptra, into the flat butts to add volume to them. With this treatment, the butts become rounder, firmer, and more raised. Another amazing thing about this treatment is that it does not involve general anesthesia or a long recovery period following it. Patients can continue their household chores within two to three days. For more information about Non-Surgical Bum Lift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, continue to read.

How Does it Work?

It is an incredibly safe method of contouring the shape of the butts. The doctor injects body fat or dermal filler deep beneath the outer surface of the butt skin to produce significant positive effects. Your butts will look curvier, fuller, and more beautiful after it.

Bum lift with dermal fillers works by stimulating collagen and elastin growth within the skin. Polylactic-L-acid is an outstanding source of restoring volume in the flat area. The implant triggers the skin’s protein production to improve overall skin health. This treatment is also FDA-approved for fixing facial volume loss and wrinkles.

Butts can be improved with fat grafting. In this treatment, the doctor transfers fat from areas that have excess fat to the zones which require a volume. This method is widely used for augmenting hips, breasts, and hands. The treatment produces natural-looking upshots but on condition that the surgeon who is doing the procedure is highly trained and experienced.

How To Prepare For Non-surgical Bum Lift?

  1. Before the treatment, talk to your doctor. Inform him about your medical history and goals
  2. To get the most out of this treatment, you have to quit smoking and alcoholic drinks a month before
  3. Avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs for at least 14 days before the appointment day

Who is a good candidate?

Healthy patients who want small modifications in the size and shape of their butts are often considered ideal for this treatment. But they must be at least 18 years of age to get the best results. It’s better to have a consultation with the doctor to find out if you can opt for this treatment or not.

Non-Surgical Bum Lift Procedure Steps:

It is the simplest type of buttock enhancement procedure since no general anesthesia and cutting are needed. The procedure is time-saving and simple. The Three essential non-surgical bum lift steps are:

  1. The doctor should apply local anesthesia on the flat butts before starting the procedure. In this way, they can avoid pain and discomfort.
  2. The volumizing substance should be injected into the butts gradually. It should also be noted that the needle for injecting filler or fat must be sterilized.
  3. It’s important to use ice bags on the treated site as soon as the procedure is finished.

The procedure may be completed in 25 minutes and after that, you will be able to go anywhere

What is the Cost of this Non-Surgical Treatment?

The price of a non-surgical Bum Lift may vary based on the patient’s health and expectations of treatment outcomes, the geographical location of the clinic, the number of shots, and the reputation of the doctor. To know the exact cost of a Non-surgical Bum Lift in Dubai, & Abu Dhabi, get in touch with our team members.

Simple Ways to Improve your Recovery After the Treatment:

Below are some tips to help you get a smooth and fast recovery

  1. For two weeks after the treatment, you should avoid anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal medicines
  2. It’s important to avoid using topical products that can lead to photosensitivity
  3. Avoiding receiving any other body contouring procedure for a month
  4. It’s better to sleep on your stomach for at least 14 days after the treatment

What to Expect After this Treatment?

Recovery time after the non-surgical Bum lift is relatively quick as compared to highly invasive butt enhancement procedures.

Following the treatment, your butts will be swollen, sensitive, and red and at the injection site, you might feel pain. This inflammation should recede on its own over time and if it does not go away, you should contact your healthcare provider immediately. Keep following the aftercare tips that your doctor has given you.


The results of this non-surgical buttock lift vary widely depending on the health of the patient. It is a good option for those patients who want small improvements in the shape of their butts because the results aren’t as noticeable as butt lift surgery. To obtain permanent and big enhancement in your butts, you should consider butt lifts with augmentation.

Book an Appointment:

Consultation with a board-certified surgeon is the best way to find out whether you are right for a non-surgical bum lift or not. He will tell you everything you need to know. Book your appointment with one of our experts now.