Things you should know Before Belkyra Treatment

Fat is the most common problem people facing, everyone struggles to get this concern resolved permanently. Having fat on chin looks too odd and makes you look older than your age. A lot of fat-dissolving treatments are performed to get the perfect contoured chin. Belkyra Treatment is one of them which is effective for men and women and the people of all ages. There are some things that you should know before Belkyra Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Belkyra treatment is the injectable treatment that aims to destroy the fatty cells under the jawline, neck, and chin. It’s suitable for the ones who are tired of their double chin and wants to get off permanently without having any invasive approach because the majority of the people are afraid of getting surgical practices. Many celebrities prefer this treatment for their better physical appearance.

Things you should know before Belkyra Treatment :

Before acquiring any treatment, the patient must make sure that they understand the procedure completely to get off the risks and complications. It’s the simple process of dissolving chin fat that doesn’t require much care but experienced hand matters in this case too so it’s better to get this treatment from the professional one. Discuss your medical details and chin demands with the doctor for better upshots. However, some important things that you should know before Belkyra treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are listed:

What happens during the Procedure?

Belkyra Treatment is a painless procedure that doesn’t require any incisions. Practitioners will first mark the injection site on the chin where the filler is supposed to inject. The numbing cream is applied and injection filled with specific filler is administered on the targeted site. Once it’s done, you’re free to go anywhere without having any long recovery instructions.

1.      How long will I see the results?

Every patient is different so it’s difficult to say how quickly the Belkyra results will be seen. However, in most cases, the patients will notice contoured beautiful chin after a few weeks which lasts for a minimum of six months. Therefore, the results can be maintained for a long time if you continue to follow a proper diet and get touch-up sessions frequently.

2.      How many sessions are required?

The number of Belkyra sessions can be suggested by the doctor according to the patients’ chin condition. Doctors usually advise getting 2-3 sessions within eight months to get the best and visible results. You might require to attend these sessions with a certain gap for efficacious upshots.

3.      Is there any Side effects?

Belkyra Treatment doesn’t result in extreme complications because it’s the safest approach anyone can get. However, the patient will feel some mild swelling, bruising, and itching on the chin area right after the treatment which is normal and will fade off within some time. So it’s advised to use the medications properly prescribed from your doctor.

4.      Does it effective?

In short yes. Belkyra chin treatment is much effective for the majority of individuals. More than 80% of people are reported positive as a prominent upshot of this procedure. The patients will gain a contoured chin area and boosted self-confidence without requiring any downtime.

5.      How much Belkyra Treatment cost?

The cost of Belkyra Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi ranges AED 2,000 to AED 3,500 according to the chin condition of the patient, number of sessions, and clinic location. People usually choose the clinic according to their affordability and easiness. You can get the best Belkyra treatments at reasonable rates by visiting Dynamic clinic in Dubai. The following factors will help you in determining the cost of this treatment:

  1. Chin condition
  2. Treatment expense
  3. Surgeon’s experience
  4. Number of sessions
  5. Clinic location

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