neck liposuction in dubai

You know it takes a lot of effort to reduce your weight and shed those extra pounds. You can either enroll in the gym or cut down your favorite meals and junk to get an ideal and streamlined body, nonetheless your face and the neck cannot be much influenced or will have any effect no matter how much weight loss methods you try on. Not everyone is blessed with an ideal contoured face and the neck that evenly compliments their body as well. In such cases a liposuction for face and neck in Dubai can be the perfect treatment of choice if you want your face to be well contoured and go with your streamlined and slim figured body.

What is liposuction? 

A liposuction is a procedure through which the excess fat of the body or face can be diminished. This suction based lipectomy which is now one of the leading methods for perfect contouring and to get rid of the excess fat is also applicable in the face and neck.  

Suction assisted liposuction when done over the face can help reduce double chin and improve the jaw line by making it more well defined, curvy and tight. Aging and a lot of the other contributing factors are responsible for the sagging skin of the face and neck or in some cases it might be hereditary.

candidates who had received face and neck liposuction in Dubai especially from our clinic have said to achieve a very successful treatment.

Who are the right candidates for face and neck liposuction?

  • Candidates who have sagging skin around the jaw.
  • Candidate with extremely chubby and bulky cheeks.
  • Women who have regained excess fat after pregnancy.
  • Candidates who have lost weight abruptly and are left with sagging skin after the weight loss.
  • Candidates who have experienced severe trauma to the face and neck that has left there skin to become loose.

How is the face and neck liposuction done? 

If you have finally decided to get a face and neck liposuction in Dubai done in our clinic then here’s what you can expect  in that treatment: 

  1.  The first step includes the surgeon noting down history and will carry out the required investigations before performing the surgery.
  2.  Once the surgeon has analyzed and deeply observed the target areas he or she will then mark it so that the necessary incision will be made according to the markings.
  3. The team will then administer general anesthesia which is used to desensitize the patient so that the patient feels no pain while their procedure is being carried out.
  4. The surgeon will then incise the areas where the markings are done and will gently remove off the fat accompanying the skin. 
  5. The suction based device will suck in all the fat that is present in the target areas.

What are the liposuction methods used for the face and neck?

Conventional liposuction:

In this procedure the surgeon will normally incise the areas and will remove the fat using a scalpel and will then approximate the skin followed by placing the resorbable sutures.

Tumescent liposuction:

A tumescent liposuction is done by the placement of local anesthesia consisting of lidocaine and epinephrine. This will cause the blood vessels to constrict and the blood flow will be seized in the target areas. A suction based device is then used to suck in the fat however this treatment allows it to be done while the patient is completely awake and does not require complete sedation. 

Fat melting injections:

A lot of the people normally don’t go for surgical liposuction especially for the face and the neck. A more better and convenient approach is by injecting fat melting injections that consist of deoxycholic acid. They directly target the fat cells and break them down. The end results show the face and neck completely well contoured, evenly shaped and free of bulges. 

What are the Benefits of Liposuction for the Face and Neck?

  • You will get to experience a youthful and radiant appearance.
  • No more double chin and jowl lines.
  • More better self-confidence and self esteem.
  • You will feel yourself a lot more lighter and beautiful.

Where can I find the best Liposuction for Face and Neck in Dubai?

Our clinic is now well recognized and is very famous for the treatment of liposuction for face and neck in Dubai. We have a vast team of specialists who work especially in the weight loss clinic department ensuring that each and every treatment provided has a complete success rate with the least side effects possible.

The Final Verdict!

Grab your appointments for liposuction for face and neck right now and be the first to avail the offers and package.