Liposuction for face in dubai

Appearing beautiful is all that people want. All the beauty starts from the outlook of the face and if your face is not upto the standards, it may lead to social distance. To overcome such conditions, people opt for various treatment plans. One of the most demanded treatments is Liposuction for face. 

Liposuction is a suction-based surgery for removing unwanted body fat. It  was the most facial aesthetic technique for both genders.The abdomen, hips, and thighs are among among the most typically treated areas. Liposuction can, nonetheless, be done on the cheeks as well.

Read on to discover further about Liposuction for Face in Dubai, including how it works, how it costs, and certain other details.

How can I Reduce Fat from my Face?

Face Liposuction in Dubai treatment may be the answer for all the excessive fat on the face. The procedure  is used by those who want to have slimmer, more flawless skin in a relatively short amount of time. These procedures not only offer you a sleek face, but they also encompass a wide range of age indications. It’s a sophisticated way of modifying the appearance of a round face with no exertion.

Who would be a Fine Fit?

The following factors help determine whether or not someone is a suitable candidate for liposuction:

  • Possessing an ordinary or slightly above-average body weight
  • Having strong general health and no underlying illnesses such as high blood pressure or diabetes
  • Possessing skin that is pleasant and flexible
  • Being a nonsmoker has a number of advantages.
  • Face Liposuction is not intended for people having thin membranes.
  • Skin that isn’t elastic may appear loose once the fat is gone. 
  • Furthermore, liposuction can improve skin’s slight discoloration. 

What Liposuction on the Face Focuses?

Liposuction of the face can target the following areas:

  • Neck Liposuction: The impression of sinking and puffiness within the neck liposuction could be eliminated excess body fat from the region.
  • Chin Liposuction: Chin Liposuction is a popular procedure for significantly reducing subcutaneous puffiness. The jaws become stronger and much more noticeable when extra fat behind the chin is eliminated.
  • Cheek Liposuction: Within cheek liposuction, the contours of the face might be thrown off by broad cheeks. The dominance of the cheeks is reduced using careful face liposuction, creating a better impression of proportion.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Liposuction on your Face?

The typical Face Liposuction Cost in Dubai is between AED 7000 to  14000 AED. This is the cost of liposuction only, not including any further operations. It will be an extra payment if you need a neck lift or chin expansion, for instance.


There are few things patients need to consider before undergoing liposuction surgery. These are:

  • Medical background.
  • Alcohol use is prohibited.
  • Any Prescribed Medications should not be consumed.
  • Realistic Expectation.
  • Food intolerances in particular.
  • Surgical procedures in the past.


A cannula is used in the procedure for face liposuction. It is used to eliminate excess fat and is the same diameter as a needle. This tube is put beneath the skin and is used to split apart fat. The liquid is then vacuumed up through the same channel.

The physician begins by inserting it beneath the skin via a tiny incision beneath the chin. The scars are nearly undetectable following surgery due to the position of the incision.

For neck liposuction, a prominent technique called tumescent liposuction is being employed. It entails injecting liquid into resistant fat to allow for easier to eradicate. After the procedure, this decreases bleeding, discomfort, and bruises.

After Care:

  • Medicated mouthwash is prescribed .
  • Immediately following surgery, your face may be bruised and puffy. 
  • This would take three weeks for the wound to recover.
  • After 3 months, the effects are generally obvious. It’s because the face need adapt to its unique conception.


The length of recovering after face liposuction depends on the nature of the procedure region and whether or not other operations were performed. Recovery is simple and often bearable with over discomfort medicines whenever facial liposuction is executed as a stand-alone procedure. 

Depending on other procedures, several individuals can return to work within a week of their liposuction treatment.The patient is instructed to endure a compaction bandage for the first twenty to twenty-eight days of rehabilitation. 

How Long Does Face Liposuction Last?

After the swelling has subsided, which could take up to a week, the results of face liposuction will be visible. Incisions rarely require stitches, and scarring is uncommon. Unless individuals acquire a significant amount of weight in their face, the benefits of liposuction are long-lasting.

Take Away!

With the face liposuction you can regain your youthful appearance you always wanted. Schedule free consultation with our best team of surgeons that ensures Liposuction for Face in Dubai remains beneficial for you.