Things you should know about Cheek Fillers

Everybody wants to bring back youngness in their face with contoured cheekbones. A lot of cosmetic procedures are introduced to resolve such concerns but Cheek fillers have gained popularity all over the world due to its efficacious and enduring outcomes. Not only the aged people, but youngsters also get benefit from it. So, we can say that “Beauty never dies”.

Cheek fillers are the injections which aim to make your skin smooth and even-tone by adding volume to your face. However, these injections can overcome fine lines and wrinkles to acquire flaw-less and attractive skin. It’s also known as Dermal Fillers. People who want to improve their facial look by lifting the cheekbones can get these fillers but it carries some side effects too like redness, swelling, and itching which is temporary and will go away within few days. Many types of fillers are there but the most commonly used ones are Hyaluronic acid and Polylactic acid which treats the face accordingly.

Things you should know about Cheek Fillers:

Every person is interested in knowing the facts about cheek fillers because before undergoing any procedure it’s better to understand the details first. Decide your beauty goals, discuss with the dermatologists so they can suggest you a better treatment plan. It’s the non-invasive approach that doesn’t require much care but before getting these injections make sure that your health is good enough to acquire cheek fillers injections.

There are a lot of things you should know about Cheek Fillers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Some important ones must be acknowledged before getting these injections:

1.      What is the procedure of Cheek Fillers?

Cheek filler is the non-surgical practice that doesn’t require any incisions so no anesthesia is directed but the topical numbing cream is applied to avoid discomfort during treatment. Once applied, cheek fillers are inserted on the preferred area to make your face look young, fresh, and contoured. After injecting, antibiotic cream is applied. However, it’s a very simple and quick procedure that will take from 20 minutes to one hour according to the number of injection sites.

2.      How long they last?

Duration of dermal fillers or Cheek fillers varies from person to person. They generally last between 6-months to 1 year depending upon the type of fillers used, patients’ metabolic rate, and maintenance guidelines. However, it’s better to get another session before the results become invisible.

3.      Which areas can be treated?

Cheek fillers or Dermal Fillers can be used to treat wrinkles, fine lines, and scars, etc. A lot of areas can be cured:

  1. Chin
  2. Cheeks
  3. Eye tiredness and puffing
  4. Lips, facial folds
  5. Thin lips

4. How much is the recovery time?

Cheek Fillers isn’t the complex practice and has no long recovery procedures, you can get back to work the next day after treatment but it’s suggested to avoid sleeping on your cheeks and strenuous exercises for at least a week. Keep your face clean and dry.

5. Is it Painful?

In short No. Cheek Fillers injection has no extreme pains, some mild pinch can be felt by the patient during treatment if anesthetic cream isn’t used but almost every doctor uses such ointments so it’s the painless technique.

6. How much it Cost?

The cost of Cheek Fillers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi varies from clinic to clinic. Every clinic has its specific rates according to their services and staff experience. You can get these injections at affordable rates by visiting Dynamic Clinic in Dubai.

7. What are the Outcomes?

The outcomes acquired after getting Cheek Fillers are wonderful! Some patients start noticing results right after the treatment but in some cases, it will take some time. Your face will look round, beautiful, and wrinkle-free as a result of this treatment.

8. How many sessions are required?

Dermatologists usually suggest having 4-5 sessions of Cheek Fillers for noticeable and long-lasting comforts. However, the number of sessions is suggested by the doctor according to the look you desire, every patient has different demands and facial looks so it’s advised to attend every sitting for beneficial outcomes.

9. Is there any Side Effect?

Like every procedure, cheek fillers carry some side effects too like itching, swelling, bruising, and redness which is temporary and goes off with time. However, it doesn’t result in extreme complications.

10. What are the Comforts?

Many individuals prefer these fillers due to their tremendous benefits. A lot of comforts can be acquired:

  1. Outcomes are ideal
  2. Contoured cheekbones
  3. Wrinkles-free flawless skin
  4. No long recovery procedures
  5. Less expensive
  6. Low risks and side effects
  7. Non-invasive approach

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