Cheek Fillers Cost in Dubai

Cheek augmentation is becoming an increasingly popular procedure. There are many ways out to enhance your cheekbones. Fillers, implants, and fat grafting are three of the most popular techniques.

Of all the methods available, fillers offer the most affordable and reliable solution. With hyaluronic acid, they create the illusion of rounder, fuller and more defined cheeks. To be precise, they increase volume around and above the cheekbones and reduce dark circles to some extent. But how much do cheek fillers cost in Dubai, UAE & Abu Dhabi?

Average Cost:

The cost will vary dramatically depending on different factors. The average price in UAE is AED 2000, but you can get Cheek fillers in Dubai for just AED 1400 – AED 1600 at dynamic clinic.

Factors Affecting Cheek Fillers Cost:

How can you assess how much money you can spend? Let’s took a look at some of the elements that define the total cost of cheek fillers.

Location of The Clinic:

Cities with a higher cost of living tend to charge higher fees. So, this is the main reason why some clinics offer fillers more expensive than others. It is also important to consider the skills of the practitioner before making a final decision. If there are many highly skilled professionals in your area, you can expect to pay more money.

Doctor’s Fee:

The doctor’s fee is the most important factor when pricing cheek fillers cost in Dubai. Different doctors charge different fees. Dermatologists often charge higher prices than aestheticians. But as mentioned previously, a doctor’s skills and experience play a very important part in determining the pricing. An exclusively trained practitioner with an incredible reputation will typically charge more.

The Additional Costs:

When you consider cheek fillers, there are associated costs that you must consider. You are not only paying for the doctor’s efforts and time, but you should also expect to pay for other necessities. If post-op garment is required, you must consider this cost. Also, the cost of anesthetics, tests, lab screening, and pads are included. In addition, you may also experience some discomfort and pain after the treatment. This may need your doctor to prescribe pain-relievers, ice packs, and other medications. So, these, too, will add up to the total cost. In case of an infection, you may also be given antibiotics.

Number of Injections:

Cheek augmentation may be significant or minimal. Some patients only require the doctor to inject minimal filler to achieve the volume they desire. Others need much more filler to get the desired results. The more the number of fillers that need to be used, the expensive the treatment.


Cheek fillers is not a one-time procedure. You will need to go through several sessions to get the desired result. It usually takes 5-6 sessions to achieve the needed improvement. So, the more sessions you need to get, the higher the price will be.

Choose The Right Provider:

If you are ready to get cheek fillers, it’s essential that you thoroughly do your research. Call around the clinics to get a general idea of pricing. However, an initial consultation is the best way to achieve the exact cost. This is because the doctor can assess your health and the extent of augmentation you require. They can also examine whether there are any conditions that may affect the price.

When selecting the injector, it’s never a good idea to go to the one with the cheapest price. When it comes to the cheek fillers injections, you obtain what you spend money on. Cheap prices usually mean botched results, less skilled practitioners, and more complications.

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