Things About Pico Genesis That Everyone Should Know Before Receiving

Are you bothered by pigmentation but simultaneously not ready to undergo any surgical procedure? Enlighten Pico Genesis in Dubai is a laser treatment that removes all kinds of spots from the skin non-surgically. You can consider this for your freckles, blemishes, sun spots, age spots, and any other aspect of aging. However, a course of two to four treatments is always needed to achieve the desired change. It is relatively a quick procedure. You walk in, spends 15 minutes, and just walk out. Moreover, there are no bandages, cuts, or stitches involved since it is non-invasive. Based on these amazing facts, it can be declared as the best skin revitalization treatment.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss things about Pico Genesis that everyone should know before receiving.

How Does It Work?

Anyway, how many of you have tried home remedies to keep the skin nourished, younger-looking, and beautiful. Maintaining good skin health is a never-ending struggle of course. I believe that all of us have tried them at some point in our life. Though, we know that these remedies are not as effective as office-based treatments. So, seeing a dermatologist in this regard is the best way if you are interested in achieving ever-lasting skin rejuvenation effects.

Enlighten Pico Genesis, an effective laser treatment, is most in-demand these days, especially in the Middle East and Western countries. The laser improves skin by increasing collagen amount. Collagen is a protein that is responsible for maintaining good skin health. Pico Genesis is an out-patient procedure, no hospital stays are required.

Is it Really Effective?

Yes, it eradicates all the unwanted spots from the skin. It is a carefully researched treatment with a lot of incredible reviews. Anyway, it is now being further explored to be more and more effective. In this procedure, two highly effective wavelengths (short + ultra pulses) are combined to remodel or resurface the skin. Patients receive lighter, brighter, and smoother skin as a result.

Unlike traditional skin rejuvenation treatments that require multiple sessions, it takes lesser sessions. And typically patients receive the desired outcome within a month or two which reveals that it is very quick.

See, Who Will Receive Great Results?

If you are fighting against melasma, sun-damaged skin for ages, you can profit from this treatment. It can help you get rid of freckles & blemishes, sun spots, age spots, etc. before you know it. Laser triggers the production of collagen as well as blow up the problem-causing skin pigments far away. The biggest benefit is that it does not involve heating, reducing the risk of burn, scars, and severe itching.

Pico Genesis treats moderate to severe pigmentation. It is so powerful that you won’t be able to find a single dark-colored spot on your face. Anyhow, it is not suitable for people that are allergic to laser light or and medication. Moreover, it won’t be effective for pregnant or breast-feeding ladies.

However, to ensure that you are an excellent candidate, you should consult a dermatologist.

It will not hurt at all

Since no cutting, stitching, or heating is involved, therefore, there is no chance of pain or discomfort. However, a local anesthesia may be preferable if your pigmentation issues are extremely severe. The practitioner will make this decision after properly assessing your skin.

When Do You Enjoy Results?

Like most non-invasive treatments, the effects of this skin procedure are not instant. The treatment is gradually processed, requiring two to three short sessions. It should be noted that these treatments are typically spaced three weeks apart. Each treatment eliminates some spots.

Although, you have to expect there will be swelling after each session. The swelling has to subside before you see a significant change. For that, you need to be gentle with your skin, follow post-operative general guidelines, and utilize ice packs regularly. This will help the skin return to the original state as soon as possible.

After successfully completing this course, you will see a great improvement in Pigmentation, large pores, complexion, and skin texture. Your skin will feel and look healthier and smoother. It might seem like you have had hundreds of thousands of skin treatments. Besides, this laser treatment can be performed on any area of the body that contributes a lot to its huge popularity. However, it is very effective on the face, neck, and décolletage as skin in these areas is really soft and sensitive, always ready to adopt changes.

Wrapping Up:

No doubt, it is an amazing skin rejuvenation treatment since it produces long-lasting results, without downtime and side-effects.

I hope that after reading this blog, you better understand the procedure because I’ve covered Everything That You Should Know Before Getting Pico Genesis in Dubai. Although, for further details, you can contact us anytime.