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If you are bored and want to get rid of your old tattoo then scrubbing it off or applying any bleaching agents on it won’t help. You need something that can instantly clear it off without damaging your skin. When tattoos are left for a longer period they are very likely to pigment the skin and a greater amount of melanin will start to produce in the tattoo-placed area. On the contrary, the tattoo may make you feel miserable and allergic. In such a case get your hands on a Laser Tattoo Removal Dubai. PicoGenesis in Dubai is the best treatment of choice because apart from this there is no other treatment that can be effective on an unwanted tattoo. 

What is a Laser Treatment Used for?

  • For treating skin imperfections.
  • To fade off acne marks and pigments to clear spots and freckles.
  • Get rid of unwanted tattoos.
  • To shed off unwanted fat.
  • To treat skin religions such as warts, moles, keloids, etc. 

Why is Pico Genesis Tattoo Removal Better than the Other Treatments?

Not all lasers are capable of removing the tattoo inks, especially those tattoos that are colored or pigmented. PicoGenesis has a different and advanced mode of action that emits picosecond pulses. The pulses are very short, nearly equal to a millisecond.  This is quite shorter than the conventional laser methods.

On the other hand, PicoGenesis has little to no side effects. Unlike conventional laser treatments, PicoGenesis does not cause any redness, swelling, scarring, or itching. 

Based on its effectiveness, Enlighten Picogenesis in Dubai is one of the classical treatments not just used for tattoo removal but for other skin imperfection treatments as well. 

How is the Procedure for PicoGenesis in Dubai Done? 

Initial Consultation: 

After you have reported to the dermatologist for the tattoo removal he or she will examine the tattoo and will also look whether there are any allergic responses occurring from the tattoo or not.  The team will very likely explain to you about the treatment and will ask you whether you are sensitive or allergic to any other treatment, medication, or object.

Safety Protocols:

In order to prevent unavoidable damages you will be given eyewear to protect your eyes from the emitting light of pico. You will then be told to lie down on the bed rest and your tattoo-placed area is exposed.

PicoGenesis in Dubai:

The dermatologist will use the Pico Genesis device then the picosecond pulses are generated. These pulses are responsible for damaging the pigment in your skin which eventually removes the ink present within the tattoo. Apart from diminishing the tattoo ink, the pico genesis laser treatment is also responsible for Skin Resurfacing. 

What are the Benefits Of Pico Genesis? 

  • Imparts all facial blemishes and skin-related problems.
  • Can be used for skin resurfacing.
  • Treats melasma and hyperpigmentation.
  • The best treatment of choice for tattoo removal.
  • Makes the skin smoother and more youthful.

What is the Aftercare Followed by a PicoGenesis in Dubai? 

After a Laser Tattoo Removal Dubai, your skin will be sensitive after treatment you need to ensure you are using sunscreen and avoid extended periods of Sun exposure. Avoid staying for a longer time in front of the stove. Try to ice the area to prevent any redness. 

How much does a PicoGenesis Tattoo Removal Cost? 

The Pico Laser Dubai Price is based on the size of the tattoo here is how the price is listed: 

  • Extra small AED 300.
  • Small AED 500.
  • Medium AED 800.
  • Large AED 1,100.
  • Extra large AED 1,500.

Note: The above-listed prices are for a single session. In cases of large and extra-large tattoos, you will require more than one session.  

The Bottom Line!

Whenever you have a tattoo and you want to remove it remember that you need to give it at least 3 to 4 months for its removal. Once you have passed this time then you can avail yourself of the Pico Genesis in Dubai for Tattoo Removal without thinking about the side effects.