Sweaty Hands and Feet Treatment

Say no to sweaty hands and feet:

Are you tired of constantly dodging people so that they don’t smell the sweat off of you? Feeling exhausted after taking those countless showers in a day? All these issues related to sweaty hands and feet can simply vanish with the help of Hyperhidrosis treatment.

Sweaty hands and feet are caused due to several reasons, that includes, a person’s body feeling overworked, overheated, is constantly in motion, or they are simply feeling emotional because of hormones. 

Because of the excessive sweat that your hand and feet are exposing, your skin may turn extra soft and may hinder your work efficiency. You will likely become reluctant to carry out physical activities such as exercise that are considered beneficial for your health. This is because social anxiety will prevail over you, making you less confident about your actions.

To find out more information about how much Hyperhidrosis treatment costs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, and how it works, read this informative article.

How Does the Treatment for Hyperhidrosis Work?

There are many sweaty hands and feet treatments in Dubai that help a person live in comfort. The first solution that many people opt for to solve the issue is to go for medications that are available over the counter. Because the people who suffer from this condition, do not need cooling for their bodies, as other people do, it can lead to several skin infections as well.

The benefits of the sweaty hand and feet treatment helps a person’s to re-establish self-confidence and self-esteem, helps them bring back happiness and an improved lifestyle, as the person sweats less, it means that they no longer smell bad, and it also assists in eliminating unwanted stains that might occur on reveling body parts because of the excessive sweating.

Some of the popular treatments are:

Botox Injections:

The procedure of the injection disallows the nerves to sweat. It first involves making the skin numb through anesthesia and then multiple injections are required to obtain the desired results that can last up to a year.


The treatment is completed after four elaborate sessions, where each session takes 20 minutes. The sweaty hand and feet treatment in Dubai involves the submerging of both hands and feet in a bowl that is full of clean water. After this, an electrical current is passed through the water to the surface of the skin with the help of a medical device. This current assists in temporarily blocking the sweat glands.

Surgical procedure:

This is a more complex method to cure the condition as compared to the other ones. However, it is only appropriate for people who experience a good amount of sweating in their armpits. The first thing that a doctor or dermatologist does is to completely remove the sweat gland in the armpit, which is causing the sweating. After which they conduct an endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) which assists in interrupting the transmission of nerve signals of the sweat gland.

How Much Do the Treatments Cost?

Like any other cosmetical procedure, the cost for this one can fluctuate. The Hyperhidrosis treatment cost in Dubai can depend on many variables such as the location of the clinic, the expertise of the doctor or specialist involves, the kind of treatment the person opted for, the number of sessions it takes, other skin-related conditions the person might be suffering through, and so. The exact price can only be determined after a consultation with the dermatologist. However, generally, the hyperhidrosis treatment cost in Dubai ranges from AED 1500 to AED 3000, depending on the treatment. If for example, a person chooses to get the Botox treatment, the price can increase as the quantity of the Botox injections increases.

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