How Much Does an Oxygen Facial Cost

To get naturally beautiful skin, an oxygen facial may be the best option!

Skincare should be an integral part of your routine. Choosing what works best for your skin is not an easy process. Most of us try a variety of treatments and skin care products before we really get it.

Everyone needs professional care that can give smoother and softer skin. The major goal is to make the skin more radiant. Do you also want to improve the texture of the skin without surgery? Well, an Oxygen Facial in Dubai is the best option for your skin needs. In fact, it is the solution to almost all your problems.

How It is Done?

The doctor uses a special machine to spray tiny powerful molecules of oxygen on the damaged skin, giving it an incredibly rejuvenated and youthful feel.

Treatment cost is an important factor affecting the client’s decision. It’s because the expenditure is directly linked with the capability to access the service. Let’s see How Much Does an Oxygen Facial Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and what are factors can affect it.

What is the Average Cost in the UAE?

Depending on the skin concerns, the cost of an oxygen facial in Dubai ranges from $150 to $500. It also varies depending on the geographical location of the clinic, the desired results, and the skills of the practitioner. Let’s analyze these factors more closely.

Degree of Aging:

Oxygen Facial Cost in Dubai is directly related to the degree of skin aging. If the aging signs are moderate or severe, the number of sessions needed increases, impacting the treatment’s cost. Before the treatment, you should consult the doctor to know how many sessions you exactly need.

Practitioner’s Skills:

Professional skincare treatments (such as oxygen facial) require more thorough care. It is important to select a highly qualified and experienced dermatologist. Plus, it is essential to make sure he understands what ingredients to use and how to achieve great skin rejuvenation results. For your information, these doctors may charge slightly higher fees than others.

Clinic’s Reputation:

Apart from the practitioner’s skills, the clinic’s reputation matters a lot. Generally speaking, the clinics that are more popular charge a little more as they offer better services than others.

Number of Sessions:

Many patients require multiple sessions to get the desired results. And it is important to note the cost increases with each session.

Will my Medical Insurance cover Oxygen Facial Costs?

Since cosmetic treatments are not considered necessary, they are not covered by insurance. Thankfully, there is a financial scheme that you can try. With 100% Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic funding, you can pay for your procedure in small monthly installments.

What Makes us Best?

By a team that is highly specialized in cosmetic procedures, we deliver excellent care.

We create an efficient experience between the doctor and the patient, making challenging procedures simpler.

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