Salman Khan Hair Transplant Procedure Dubai

Everyone wants to look good and beautiful so we are offering treatments to help you fulfill your aesthetic desires. Pattern baldness or a receding hairline can never be ignored especially when you are a VIP. Numerous celebrities have undergone transplant surgery to enhance the appearance of their bald heads and Salman Khan’s name comes in the list of these celebrities. He had his first transplant surgery done in 2003 and till now he has had 4 hair transplants – 2 FUE and 2 FUT. By undergoing Hair Transplant Surgery, get a fuller head of hair in just a few months.

You can notice the change by looking at his before and after photos. In his first transplant surgery, he decided to get a Follicular unit transplant in 2003 in India and the results were not satisfactory. FUT is done by extracting healthy follicles from strips removed from the back of the scalp and then planting them in the bald areas. However, in Salman khan’s hair transplant, some synthetic hairs were also added to give a fuller look to the scalp.

After the surgery, you have to work on hair maintenance on a daily basis. The results are hair transplants are more long-lasting than over-the-counter products. Take good care of your hair to sustain the results you get from the treatment. Transplanted hairs will fall out but don’t worry they will grow again. Significant results will become noticeable in three to four months.

First Attempt – 2003:

In 2003, Salman khan’s first hair transplant was a headline in every newspaper because people were shocked by seeing the big change in him. During his transplant surgery, local anesthesia was administered to the scalp to avoid discomfort and pain. Because the strip excision method was used, a long scar also appeared after the surgery due to which he was not satisfied. At last, Salman khan had to shave his head completely in order to make the scar less noticeable.

This is a harsh reality that not every cosmetic procedure delivers 100 % results because there are things that affect them. A surgeon’s experience plays a major role as far as the results are concerned. So, you have to be very careful while selecting a surgeon for hair transplant surgery.

FUE Hair Transplant – 2017

This time he chose Dubai to get hair transplant surgery. His decision was right because the results were wonderful. An American surgeon performed the procedure and used the FUE Technique in the surgery. As a result of the treatment, he got a fuller head of natural hair. Because of his previous experience, he did not disclose the details this time but this is how people dissected the famous Salman Khan Hair transplant. The treatment delivered the best and most natural-looking results.

Hair density was significantly increased and the overall appearance of the scalp was enhanced. Fuller results appeared after about 6 to 7 months of the surgery. In his third hair transplant, 2000 or above hair follicles were extracted from the back or sides of the scalp and planted in the hair-bearing areas. Treatment is very effective and downtime is not very long.

Recent Hair Transplant – 2016

He got his 3rd hair transplant in 2016 at his farmhouse located in Panvel. A team of surgeons was flown from Dubai to perform transplant surgery. They gave him the look that he carries today. His hair looks real and natural.

Hair thinning, bald spots, alopecia, or pattern baldness can occur due to aging, genetics, diet, stress, etc. Just like Salman Khan, you can get this transplant procedure as well. There are other alternatives too such as PRP, stem cells, scalp micro-pigmentation, etc. But In my personal opinion, I recommend Hair transplant because it has higher patient satisfaction rates. I wish good luck to you on your journey and hope you will look as good as Television celebrities.

If you are influenced by the results that Salman khan got from the treatment then visit our clinic now. We are offering the surgery at a comparatively lower price than other clinics in Dubai. We have qualified surgeons who can help you get denser hair. To book a free appointment with our expert simply fill in the consultation form or call us directly on the phone number given on our website.