Root canal treatment prices and offers in Dubai

Pain in the teeth is always associated with the infection of the roots of the tooth. Moreover, the pain is also related to swelling. The infections in the roots need to be treated in order to prevent the spread to the other teeth.  The canals of the roots are very thin and only a specialized and complex treatment can be effective on them. The treatment of choice here is a root canal treatment for infected teeth. Here are all the details you should know about a root canal treatment in Dubai.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of An Infected Tooth? 

  • Pain in the culprit tooth. 
  • Swelling of the jaw localized within the tooth site. 
  • Mild to moderate fever.
  • Pain that can spread into the head and the neck.
  • Unbearable pain most commonly during the night.
  • Cavity or blacking of the respective tooth causing pain.

If you notice any of the above signs then it is very likely that you are also suffering from an infected tooth and you need prompt treatment immediately.

How Are Infected Teeth Treated? 

The treatment options for infected teeth depend upon the severity, intensity and the spread of infections. The treatment options include :


If the infected tooth presents with very mild swelling and pain then it can be treated by giving therapeutic antibiotics. There therapeutic those can treat the infection to a desired extent. Sometimes antibiotics are prescribed before a root canal treatment in order to diminish swelling and pain. 

Root Canal Treatment:

Root Canal treatment for infected teeth is considered best because it cleans and shapes the root canals and in the entire infected pulp is removed during its process. No wonder the treatment is very conventional but it is still used in practices because of its efficiency and benefits.

Surgical Intervention:

In cases of severe tooth infection that are associated with tumors and cysts need to be surgically removed. 

What Is A Root Canal Treatment? 

A root canal treatment is a complex procedure that involves cleaning and shaping of the canals of the root by removing the pulp. The pulp is the nourishment of the tooth which gets infected by bacterial invasion that entered through the cavity. We have been running root canal treatment in Dubai for a very long time successfully because of our professional team of dentists diligently  providing  treatments that are very satisfying to all our patients. 

What Is The Procedure Of Root Canal Treatment? 

  1. Initial consultation.
  2. investigations and X-rays.
  3. cavity preparation.
  4. access cavity opening the.
  5. Debridement  of the infected pulp.
  6. cleaning and shaping of the canals.
  7. filling the canals with the canal filling material.
  8. core build up crown portion of the tooth. 
  9. preparation of the tooth for crown placement 
  10. crown preparation.
  11. occlusion check. 

what Is The Root Canal Treatment Price in Dubai? 

If you are looking for root canal treatment cost in Dubai then you will be glad to know that we are now offering packages and deals for root canal treatment. 

Here’s a closer look of the packages

Root Canal Treatment Prices and Offers in Dubai 

  • Root Canal Treatment  permanent teeth 1,300 AED ( 1 canal) 1,800 AED ( 2 canals)  2,800 AED ( 3 canals). 
  • Root Canal Treatment  primary teeth 800 AED ( 1 canal ) 1,000 AED ( 2 canals) 1,300 AED ( 3 canals).
  • Root Canal Treatment  with crown package 6,000 AED. 
  • Root Canal Infection and pain as per consultation 1,500 AED. 

What Are The Benefits After Taking a Root Canal Treatment? 

  • No more pain. 
  • subsided swelling.
  • complete eradication of infection. 
  • better movement of the jaws and teeth.
  • relief and comfort while sleeping. 

The Final Verdict!

If you are also having pain and swelling in your tooth and it has made your life missible then know that it’s time to book yourself with the root canal treatment in Dubai. We always welcome our patients even in cases of emergencies. Our vision is to provide you with comfort and ease be it any time of the day.