PRP Treatment For White Hair in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost

Do you know your blood platelets are packed with cytokines and growth hormones which greatly help in stimulating hair follicles and also healthy growth?

 At Dynamic Dubai, we offer PRP injections as a basic step to overcoming the problem of hair thinning, hair loss, or even reverse premature greying of hair to ensure that you don’t reach a point where hair transplant becomes your only option.While there is no cure for white hair except for hair dye. But somehow PRP acts as two in one solution for hair loss and white hair. Keep moving forward to enlighten a detailed guide about PRP Treatment For White Hair in Dubai.

Primary Diagnosis:

Our team analyzes your scalp condition after going through a detailed history of your hair and previous treatments. This analysis can let us diagnose the real cause of white hair and its thinning. Depending upon the extent of the problem you will be suggested specified plasma injections which are absolutely requisite for promoting young, healthy hair.In addition to treatment, we further suggest important dietary conditions and lifestyle changes conclude more effective benefits even after one session.

Note that: our experts clearly inform patients at initial consultation whether or not PRP can treat their grey hair.

Does PRP Really Restore Hair Color?

Many researchers reported the growth and thickness of a hair of the same color as for the child. Besides, numerous males and females noticed new black growing hair after PRP Injections. But this response is not universal. You can expect some instability in it.Overall, plasma injections aren’t concluded truly effective for white hair. Much more research is needed before this solution becomes effectually available to all.

Conditions When You Shouldn’t Consider PRP:

  • Bleeding disorder
  • Cancer
  • Chronic disease
  • Metabolic disorder
  • Harmonic instability

PRP And Hair Darkening:

PRP Treatment for white hair in Dubai is effectively reported both in terms of reversing hair thinning and improved pigmentation. Perhaps in some situations, hair only grows back if it has been lost in the latest 3 year period. According to several responses hair color gets darken after a few sessions however there is a chance to experience lighter color again if injections aren’t received properly at right time. Do make sure to follow comprehensive care and post-session for truly fruitful results deprived of any complication.

Is There Any Way to Stop Greying of Hair?

Despite hair dyes and plasma treatments, a range of specific studies showe thde efficiency of anti-oxidants. Their excessive intake is argued and concluded beneficial to stop the greying process. However, this pathway can be a good starting point on figuring out if it’s the only reason responsible for your grey hair or anything else.

Premature Greying Hair Treatment Consultation!

Enfield Royal offers the latest procedures under one roof for all of your hair problems. Even if it’s hair thinning, baldness, patchy scalp or even premature greying our treatments can benefit in every way.For detailed consultation to tackle white or grey hair, contact us now. Book your free appointment of PRP Treatment For White Hair in Dubai, through a consultation form or call us directly at +971561772998