prp treatment offers


Since a lot of people are satisfied and demand PRP hair treatment after knowing its success we have recently launched some PRP treatment offers in Dubai.  

Exclusively for our valuable customers.You can also look for the feedback from our previous candidates who have taken PRP treatment and are still seeking more sessions.

Before you opt for a PRP treatment in Dubai have a look over some details about how it works. 

What is PRP? 

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. It is a constituent of the body. Basically it is drawn from the blood and is then separated. This platelet rich plasma is then injected into the candidate’s scalp and skin for the regeneration of new cells and promote growth. 

What AreThe Uses Of PRP? 

Our clinic has launched PRP treatment Dubai offers for hair but the use of PRP is not just confined for hair transplant. It has multiple other uses also such as : 

PRP for skin:

When PRP is injected in the skin it induces new cellular growth, improves the skin texture, imparts imperfections and promotes youthfulness and radiance.

PRP as a pain relief:

 If you have faced knee joint pain, back ache then PRP can be a very good fit to replace painKillers. The chronic pain can be relieved within just a few sessions. 

PRP for hair transplant:

If you want to regain your loss here or improve the thickness then a PRP treatment can be the one and final solution to it. The best part about it is that it is completely free of side effects and there is no chance that your body will reject it. 

700 AED for one session

1750 AED for 3 sessions ( 583 per session) 

1980 AED for 4 sessions  ( 495 per session) 

The Results:

You will be astonished to see that within just a few weeks of the treatment new hair will start to grow and will slowly and gradually become thicker and healthier. For those who are not completely bald or who want to just fill up the alopecia patches can also get the PRP done. 

 After seeing the success and extensive candidates we have launched the PRP treatment Dubai offers because it is highly in demand.

What AreTheTypes Of PRP Combinations Available? 

Here are some PRP treatment Dubai offers recently introduced in our clinic:

PRP + mesotherapy:

Mesotherapy is a kind of technique which involves the use of vitamins, hormones extracts from plants and certain enzymes that are responsible for tightening up the skin and replenishing it. In some cases it is also reported to get rid of excess fat. when used in combination with PRP they as a combination work wonders on the skin. 

1000 AED for one session 

2500 AED for 3 sessions 

2899 AED  for 4  sessions

PRP + curacin:

Curacin is known as human placental extract. It is responsible for activation of cellular growth and this eventually imparts pigmentation, enhances the complexion by whitening it and adds glow to the skin. When curation is blended along with PRP then the texture of the skin becomes even more finer and smoother. 

950 AED for one session

2150 AED for 3 sessions

2780 AED for 4 sessions

PRP with Plasma :

Wave a complete goodbye to muscular, joint and ligaments pain by getting  a shot of PRP in combination with plasma. It heels the injured parts in the body and it can improve the bones functional integrity. 

700 AED for one session 

1750 AED for 3 sessions

1980 AED for 4 sessions 

2890 AED for 6 sessions 

Why choose our clinic?

We cater to thousands of patients and fortunately all of them are well satisfied with our services and care. Our vision is to provide the best services to our candidates and they go home with a happy face. 

Some of our services include: 

  • clean and tidy environment
  •  a well trained and reputable staff 
  • properly sterilized and well equipped instruments 
  • maintenance of privacy and confidential issues
  •   welcome suggestions and feedbacks from candidates

A final message from our clinic:

We introduce offers and packages round the year. PRP treatment offers in Dubai is one of our exclusive promotional offers that we would want you to get your hands on.  We believe that having healthy and lustrous hair is as important as having a healthy body.