PRP injections for face in Dubai

Face is the most visible part of the body which defines the overall personality, it should be flawless. But not everyone is satisfied with its appearance! Uneven skin tone, dark circles, acne, scarring, wrinkles, and patchy skin result in low self-esteem, and people start losing their self-confidence and hide their appearance from the public. Several techniques have been using for years for such flaws but still, people are in search of an appropriate one!

PRP injections for face in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is the best way to treat all facial deformities no matter which concerns you’re facing, it’s the all in one procedure! This blog post covers the detailed aspects of the risks, side effects, and procedure details of PRP therapy you always wanted to know! Please explore the details by reading further.

About PRP:

PRP is the shortest procedure treats almost all kind of facial concerns however this isn’t enough, you can get this therapy for hair problems too. It’s based on the concept of drawing blood from the arm which is then passed through a centrifuge mechanism for separating the platelets from red blood cells.

A person who undergoes the treatment must not suffer from any bleeding disorder as it’s the process of injecting your blood. Though, patients can also discuss their esthetic goals and concerns with our experts at Dynamic clinic so they can advise them on an appropriate option. As safety is our essential priority!

Which Facial Conditions PRP can help?

A natural cosmetic injectable procedure treats facial deformities even in those areas which are difficult to reach. Not every person faces a similar concern so it’s particularly good to discuss your needs and demands with the doctor so they can inform the solution accordingly.

Almost every type of facial concern is treated with PRP Injections for face in Dubai & Abu Dhabi but still, you should be aware of all of them completely. Have a look at some critical conditions cured with this approach!

  1. Dull or patchy skin
  2. Dark circles or eye bags
  3. Aging spots
  4. Acne & Wrinkles
  5. Pores Fixing

How PRP works for the face?

It’s not surprising that PRP effectively works for the face as it’s the natural process that is comprised of the patients’ blood without any chemical-related products. But still, performing a PRP therapy isn’t an easy task, practitioners must hold years of experience in accomplishing successful therapies. However, this demand is easily fulfilled at Dynamic who delivers promising outcomes in consideration of the aesthetic goals and health details of the patient so they can experience this treatment from expert doctors by visiting us!

No matter which concern you’re facing whether it’s scarring, acne, pimples, or uneven skin tone. PRP would be the best choice. It works by boosting collagen and elastin production through the injection of rich plasma which is a great deal for patients’ beauty anxieties.

Practitioners draw about two spoons of blood from the arm and separate the plasma from it to prepare a solution that is put into the syringe. Once it’s done, an injection is administered on the targeted area of the face which directly hits the bloodstream and stimulates the growth factors for the natural healing process. As a result of this, the most desirable flawless skin appearance is acquired!

In severe complicated cases, you can’t get enough of attending one session. Another one might be needed however the appropriate number of sittings are usually advised by the doctor in consideration of your relative concern.

How Long it will take to Show the Results? Is it Permanent?

After PRP, results will be going to appear with the first week of treatment however complete upshots would take a maximum of two or three weeks to appear which usually lasts for one or two years. But it’s not certain in every case, some individuals have observed permanent results.

We can assume that enduringness is dependent upon the maintenance and care you take.

People usually become careless and don’t take a healthy diet which decreases the amount of collagen and results in uneven skin-tone as they had in the past.

For permanent results, patients should follow the aftercare instructions regularly by taking necessary fruits in their diet!

Wrapping it up!

PRP injections for face in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is the best choice someone can acquire! The whole procedure is comprised of your blood so there is a little chance of cross-infection. The dynamic clinic is well-known for performing safest PRP therapies which don’t result in any further complication or side effect as expertise hand matters a lot!

For further information about PRP injections for the face, you can feel free to visit us or send a query in chat. Our team will get back to you soon!