prp in dubai success rate

What is PRP?

As the name suggests, PRP or platelet-rich plasma is a type of plasma that contains a lot of platelets. To carry out PRP treatment for hair loss in Dubai, our specialist usually takes a small amount of blood from the patient’s system and spins it. Isolated plasma is then infused into various areas of the scalp via injections.

But what about the PRP treatment success rate in Dubai? And is it a permanent solution? If you have such questions in mind, this article may be very helpful.

PRP Treatment success rate:

While the true success rate of PRP injections for hair regrowth is obscure, it is estimated to be between 70 – 90 percent for the average patient. It works best in younger people who are just starting to notice genetic hair loss and thinning symptoms. Your provider will talk to you about this in more detail at the initial consultation.

Factors that may make your PRP treatment less successful are:

  • If you are a chain smoker
  • If you are entirely bald or your hair loss is too extensive
  • If you have any serious medical condition, e.g. cancer, etc.

How to Improve PRP Results:

When it comes to PRP success, consistency is crucial. Each treatment session should be spaced at a certain interval and is changed depending on the patient’s responsiveness to the procedure. However, you should see some improvements after the first two or three months of treatment.

Is PRP a Permanent Solution?

The first round of PRP treatments requires multiple visits to the dermatologist to give the early outcomes. Once the outcomes begin to show, you’ll require touch-ups at minimum once a year to keep the new hair growth going.

Are there Side Effects of PRP?

Potential side-effects of PRP in Dubai are:

  • Nerve injury
  • Swelling, bruising, and soreness
  • Muscle aches and bladder control issue
  • Infection at the injection site

Hair Transplant – A More Permanent Solution to Hair Loss:

This is a fantastic alternative to PRP treatment. The procedure involves extracting follicles from one area of the head and implanting them into another. You usually have a hair transplant in a dermatologist’s office and return home the same day. But as with other cosmetic procedures, hair transplants have side effects. After the procedure, you will experience bruising, swelling, and bleeding in your scalp. Hair Transplant Cost Dubai generally ranges between AED 7,000 and AED 14,000.

Initial Consultation is Important:

If you’re thinking about getting PRP therapy in Dubai, it’s a good idea to meet with an experienced professional first. In addition, although the cost of PRP treatment in Dubai is not prohibitively high, it is vital to keep in mind that it takes a long time to see noticeable benefits. 

So, it’s always a good idea to seek advice from an expert on the treatment’s suitability for your specific situation.

The Outlook!

The exact success rate of PRP treatment in Dubai varies depending on the patient’s age, degree of hair loss, biological factors, and the number of sessions. Most patients, however, report a notable increase in hair growth and reduction in hair thinning after two to three sessions. It’s also worth mentioning that the full benefits of your PRP treatment can necessitate a yearly touch-up plan. 

For more information about PRP hair treatment success rate in Dubai, visit Dynamic clinic. Our consultants will guide you on everything related to the outcomes.