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Control your hair loss now!

PRP stands for Platelet-rich plasma –is a three-step process that involves the extraction, preparation, and injection of a person’s blood to boost hair growth. Its doses need to be repeated for one year every 3-6 months. This way, its cost exceeds a bit high.

Average Cost:

The PRP Hair Treatment Price in UAE is reported $200 or AED 650 to $800 or AED 1700. This cost typically exceeds on availing course of sessions from a highly expert doctor.

Please note, rates are subject to change over time.

Cost Defining Factors:

There is no fixed price for this plasma therapy. Depending upon the level of hair loss charges vary. Following are the factors on which cost greatly depends.

  • Quality of equipment
  • Number of sessions
  • Practitioner’s experience
  • Clinic location
  • Insurance plans

Is PRP Covered by Insurance?

Most insurance companies don’t cover it all. This procedure is considered cosmetic and most companies are reluctant to pay for it. In the coming years, there is the probability of cosmetic procedures being covered by insurance plans but now, no update reported yet.

Discounted Offers:

On availing course of PRP sessions from us, we offer some discounts for our patients. Usually, our discounted packages are announced occasionally. You can easily know them by going through our social media platforms i.e. Facebook or Instagram.

Discounted offers significantly lessens the PRP Hair Treatment price in UAE.

Is PRP Safe?

Surely it is. The blood sample, platelets, and white blood cells are truly yours. It’s therefore protected from the risk of infection and disease transmission. Further, the procedure will be done by our highly expert doctors, to ensure it goes proficiently.

Just so you know, your candidacy with procedure holds extreme importance. People who are prone to irregular bleeding infections and diseases like sugar aren’t counseled to have PRP without an expert’s recommendation. 

Who it Works For?

Anyone experiencing Hair Loss is a good candidate for PRP, but those with early hair fall tend to respond best. Women mostly are prone to this hair fall treatment in Dubai to reinstate the normal thickness in their heads. Somehow, it benefits alopecia patients but in severe conditions, it might not. Only hair transplant can help in such means.

Personal consultation regarding medical aspects is highly important. Prefer disclosing every single medical problem to our experts in terms of receiving reliable guidance.

We never advise a treatment to our patients until they are medically fit for it 

Get the Affordable PRP in Dubai, UAE:

If hair loss is affecting your self-confidence, take control of this situation today with our innovative PRP procedures and see effective results in only four to five weeks!For more information relating to PRP Hair Treatment Price in UAE, or for any other hair loss treatment, hair transplant in Dubai, visit our clinic. Call us directly at +971 588230420 or use the online form to book your appointment.